No Power – Here are some fun activities for the family

When there’s no power, what do you do with the kids?  The stress of the storm and it’s aftermath leaves  the kids with lots of energy to burn. Here are a few easy ways to entertain the kids and keep cool at the same time.


  1. Get wet  – The obvious place to keep cool is in the water. Jump in the pool or a cold bath!. Get out the sprinkler, baby pool or water table in the backyard. Try having a water balloon fight.

  2. Movie marathon – Pack everyone up in the car and find a Starbucks with power in a safe area. Go through the drive through and pick up some cold treats and sit in the car and watch a movie!

  3. Get crafty – Paint, play with play dough, or make bead bracelets. Allow the kids to get creative by making their own scrapbook or finding items in your recycle bin they can make into sculptures.

  4. Grab a book – Have everyone grab a book and set a timer. Have everyone read for an age-appropriate amount of time and then come together and share your stories.

  5. Indoor play – Create an indoor obstacle course and see who can go through it at the best time or just complete it without falling off.

  6. Put on a show – Have the kids work together to put on a play, puppet show, or make up a dance routine and perform for you.

  7. Play a typically outdoor game inside – Try playing hide and seek, hopscotch, or jump rope inside.

  8. Picnic – Have an indoor picnic in the living room or somewhere you normally wouldn’t. Maybe like your car.

  9. Home science – Try a science experiment at home. Make your own volcano, mix food coloring, or make a balloon rocket to teach the kids about science and stay cool indoors.  Pinterest is loaded with easy activities to enthrall your children.

  10. Make cookies – Make no-bake cookies so that you do not have to turn the oven on. Find recipes online.

  11. Get out early, or late – Play outside early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperatures are cooler.

  12. Build a fort – Have the kids make a fort with pillows and blankets for some indoor fun.

  13. Race track – Use masking tape to make a race track on the floor and let the kids see who drives the fastest.

  14. Play games – break out the cards or an old board game and play together as a family.
  15. Get your puzzle on – Puzzles are great for hours of distraction and require no electricity!

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