Reignite the Romance Together

If all of the family hustle and bustle is taking a toll on your passion, make reconnection a priority today. Intimacy doesn’t always grow after expensive romantic gestures. Work on this together.

Sometimes the more spontaneous and relaxed you can be with each other on a daily basis, the closer you’ll feel more of the time.

Sprinkle little acts of affection into a busy schedule and you’ll rekindle romance between you and your mate in no time.

You will feel closer to your spouse this season if you practice these thirty-three habits.

1. Be playful.

Have an impromptu pillow fight, send a child-like love note, or just tease each other.


2. Clean up your act.

Dress up for a leisurely evening of appetizers and desserts.


3. Share a few laughs in.

Watch a comedy sketch or a funny film together.


4. Work it out.

Get a couples’ massage. You deserve it.


5. Activate the no scroll zone.

Park your smartphones beyond the bedroom.


6. Pick your preferred time.

Snuggle in bed at least once every 24 hours whether morning, evening, or middle of the night.


7. Lady And The Tramp it.

Share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in a cozy Italian restaurant.


8. Appreciation alert.

Send each other gratitude texts in the middle of the day for a month.


9. Take a walk in the snow.

Hold hands and don’t speak. Just listen to the crunching sound under your boots.


10. Pour a cup of tea.

Sit down at the table and have a heart to heart about whatever is weighing on your minds.


11. The power of attention.

Put down what you are doing and look up when your spouse walks into a room.


12. Stay home.

The kids are all busy elsewhere? Take advantage of some grown-up alone time.


13. Count the ways.

Make a list of all the ways your spouse gets you.


14. Taste the humble pie.

Apologize for something you never admitted you were sorry about.


15. Once a year, post about your anniversary on social media.

Otherwise, keep your contract sacred by forgoing social media shout outs.


16. Stop nitpicking.

You both have strengths and weaknesses – own yours and honor theirs.


17. Make up your own secret code.

Two winks in a row means I can’t wait until we get these kids to bed.


18. Reunite.

Plan a date night after you’ve been apart for a little while. You’ll appreciate each other even more.


19. Allow vulnerability.

You know what your partner feels less than stellar about. Offer support in that arena.


20. Maybe you didn’t marry in winter.

So why not celebrate your halfy wedding anniversary date?


21. Be a smooch sentinel.

No one goes in our out the door without a quick kiss.


22. Share a cry.

Watch a tearjerker and see who reaches for tissues first.


23. Get needs met.

Cheer your spouse on. Ask for the support you need. That’s win-win.


24. Trade off the cooking, dishes, and laundry.

Nothing says “We’re in this together” like sharing chores.


25. Got secrets?

Get them out in the open by spilling your guts first. You’ll feel lighter afterwards.


26. Bake together.

Turn on some sultry music and flirt your way through a complicated recipe.


27. Enjoy each other’s company.

Hold hands. Rub shoulders. Give hugs. Dance in the living room.


28. Swap stories in front of the kids.

Reminisce about trials you made it through together.


29. Go, us!

Your love story is like chapters in a book. Celebrate all the ways your relationship has evolved since you met.


30. Memorize this line and practice it next time a conversation gets heated.

“I respectfully disagree.”


31. Congratulate each other on being good parents.

Give yourselves credit for all the things you’ve had to learn along the way.


32. Commiserate.

Don’t brush off a crappy day or try to instill false cheer. Instead make eye contact and say, “That totally sucks. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”


33. Cultivate your shared vision.

Map out the future you are building together and discuss it often.


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