Inspirational Speaker Brings His Louisiana Charm to Houston

In just two-short months upon relocating to League City from Baton Rouge, custom boat and wrapped vehicle in tow, beautiful wife Bodi on his arm, and even suffering through a mini stroke, Heard has swept through town bringing with him a tidal wave of positive energy, inspiration, and big expectations in changing lives and bringing people together. Earl Heard has come to town – producing three new television series for the Houston marketplace, theatrically releasing a family/faith-based film, distributing a book lending library, hosting industry events, and publishing the leading oil and gas industry trade publication.

As the CEO/Founder of Houston-based BIC Alliance, parent company to BIC Magazine, the most diverse trade magazine for the oil and gas industry, Heard’s goal is to be closer to daughter Dane and family, while being even more involved and accessible to his energy sector clientele and dedicated staff. Earl also intends to launch the next wave of his professional and personal career in becoming the quintessential Mover and Shaker and selfless influencer.

“Houston has been so welcoming to me.  I’ve honestly never been around so many influential people that inspire and motivate me to do what I do best, to help others.”  asserts Earl Heard. “Relocating to Houston is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

What are his plans to help other Houstonians?  Heard, with the help of his son-in-law Thomas Brinsko, president and COO of BIC Alliance, has seen success with industry trade publication BIC Magazine, BIC Recruiting, and IVS Investment Banking, but producing meaningful media is in Heard’s roots.  As a passion project, Heard launched BIC Media Solutions in 2005 to bring together business, industry and community by sharing information in the form of books, film & TV productions, and events that bring people together.  As a Christian his ideologies put forth in the content he produces and disseminates will always be for the higher good.

Since moving to Houston, BIC Media Solutions has partnered with Houston-based video production studio Provicom, and together they are producing not only business communication videos for BIC Alliance’s customers, but inspirational and educational television shows for all Houstonians to enjoy and learn from.  

As a Christian media producer, Earl has found redemption telling his stories and that of others who have suffered from being at rock bottom in their personal life.  As a noted author of numerous books, Earl co-wrote and published a book of stories about people from all walks of life who hit rock bottom, and found their way back, Rock Bottom and Back book has now become a television series moderated by Danny Trejo. Also, In production is a regional lifestyle TV series, The Leisure Connection, featuring leisure activities in and around Houston and across the Gulf Coast that the whole family can enjoy together. Both programs can be seen on Houston’s CW network KIAH-TV, and distributed through digital networks Upliftv and Parables Christian Networks, to a potential audience of 24 million households.  Houston is about to get a lot of attention.

As a prolific author, Heard literally hands out his inspirational books in his Media that Matters Lending Library to those in need.  His book Rock Bottom and Back has been provided to prisons across Louisiana and is changing lives. You can find Heard about town hosting movie screenings and premieres, speaking at events and industry conferences, and every year BIC Alliance throws a Louisiana-style crawfish bowl for 400 top energy and media marketing partners and BIC readers from their headquarters in League City.

On August 3rd, BIC Media Solutions family/faith-based independent film URBAN COUNTRY starring Lou Diamond Phillips, C. Thomas Howell, and Brighton Sharbino releases theatrically and can be seen at Show Biz Cinemas in Baytown and 11 other cities nationally.

Next up, Heard’s honoring those who most influence him, if you can keep up with that, in a planned monthly column in BIC Magazine featuring energy sector influencers and executives, while featuring these same individuals in yet another TV series titled Movers and Shakers. Just for Houston.   

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