Meet Resurrection’s Landon Dean Gimenez

By Alisa Murray

Remember the name Landon Dean Gimenez. At only 10 years old, he is the new television star for ABC’s Resurrection and a force to be reckoned with. After watching Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place the young star wanted to be on the big screen. He literally begged his parents for acting classes, and after an audition at Pastorini Bosby in Houston and a thumbs-up from one of the acting coaches, Mom and Dad finally allowed him to pursue his dream. They were told Landon was a natural and a dramatic actor. Mom and Dad listened. Thank goodness they did! 

Like most things in this world that are supposed to happen, Landon’s career took off. After a few trips to Atlanta, he got the call to audition for the series Resurrection. “It all happened so fast,” his mom said. A few takes with the director and he was into his first role! This is quite extraordinary, considering there are so many young and vibrant childhood actors vying for the few coveted roles that such a series can generate. 

As the family’s personal portrait artist, I was invited to go to the premiere at Star Cinema Grill and watch Landon light up the screen. My picture of him watching is the first and only image captured of the budding star seeing himself for the first time on the big screen!  

The show, a new rollout for ABC, is based on the book The Returned by Jason Mott. It begins with a little boy (Landon) waking up in China. Throughout the pilot episode we learn that the boy, Jacob, died 32 years earlier. No one has any idea how he got there or why he’s alive or if the boy even is who he claims to be. He looks like the real Jacob who died years earlier. He even remembers dying.

I asked him a few questions, taking some cues from the Actor’s Studio. What is your favorite color? Landon said, “Orange, because I like the sunset!” He took his pet dogs Tyson and Lexi with him as he was taping, and he learned how to play piano in his spare time on set in his “set home.” I asked him what else he’d like to pursue, and he is very excited about doing animation voice overs, movies and, of course, more television. His favorite director is Tim Burton.

As we were visiting, Landon had just received a script for a movie. Mom had to read it first, and Landon, who has vowed not to do work that does not reflect a clean image (he is signed after all with Disney), had not read it as of yet. The roles are pouring in for the young star, and that is very exciting! I fully expect him to be an award-winning movie star. We shall see if the show gets enough attention to stay. If that happens, Landon has more shows to tape in his now-favorite town Atlanta. In the meantime, the baby of five is enjoying being at home with his real mom and dad. He lives in Missouri City, Texas, and is the spokesperson for Corridor Rescue, a homeless pet rescue in Houston. 



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