Party on the Wild Side at the Houston Zoo!

Give the animal lover in your life the experiential party he or she will never forget. From simple day trips, to custom packages, to extravagant sleepovers, any event at the Houston Zoo goes way beyond the realm of themed-party venues.

You’ve been mentally flipping through the birthday party options, desperate to find that one idea that hasn’t been done to death in your child’s social circle. You want the party nobody wants to miss, everyone talks about the next day at the playground, and your child recounts fondly with his or her own kids. One Houston venue checks all these boxes: The Houston Zoo.

If there’s one thing the Houston Zoo understands, it’s the idea that, when it comes to parties, one size does not fit all. For this reason, families are given a broad range of options to best match their parties’ budget, size, ages, and interests.

The baseline Houston Zoo party* includes all of the following essentials to deliver a complete celebration experience:

  • Two-hour, private rental of one of three pavilions in the John P. McGovern Children’s Zoo
  • Twenty-five (25) Birthday Party Passes for children and adults, including Zoo admission, unlimited carousel rides, and unlimited access to special exhibits when applicable
  • Seating for up to 50 people in the indoor pavilions and 35 people in the outdoor pavilion
  • Two 6-foot tables for food and gifts
  • Re-useable plastic table covers, coordinating with the pavilion
  • Post-event trash and clean-up service
  • Opportunity to purchase additional items, including entertainment, food and additional Birthday Party Passes
  • As you can see, it’s everything you need to throw the party event of the year, without your having to lift a finger. Just show up and enjoy the fun.



You will have to decide which pavilion will serve as center stage for your event. The Blue Pavilion Package offers an open-air pavilion with picnic table seating for up to 35 guests. It costs $350. The Red or Yellow Pavilion Package is presented in an enclosed, indoor pavilion with heating and cooling, and includes seven 48-inch round tables with seating for up to 50 people. It will cost you $400.



The Zoo offers a number of Birthday Party Enhancements, which you can choose, a la carte, to suit the special interests of your guest of honor.

• Animal Experience – $250

This educational experience includes a keeper bringing two (2) small animals to your pavilion to interact with guests. Guests will learn about the importance of the animals and their habitats, as well as be able to touch and take photos with the various ambassadors. This experience lasts for approximately thirty minutes. Common animals include the giant rabbit, dwarf rabbit, hedgehog, armadillo, opossum, chinchilla, various snakes, various lizards, baby alligator, turtle, and various birds.

• Additional Birthday Party Passes – $15 each

Purchase additional Birthday Party Passes, which include Zoo admission for adults and children, unlimited carousel rides, and access to special exhibits when applicable.

• Giraffe Feeding Tickets – $5 each

Guests have the unique opportunity to interact with the Zoo’s Masai giraffe family at the feeding platform. Each ticket includes three pieces of lettuce. Feedings occur daily at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, dependent on weather and giraffe participation.

• Birthday Adopt An Animal – $25

By adopting an animal, you are supporting education and conservation programs at the Houston Zoo and around the world. Choose to adopt a gorilla, Malayan tiger, giraffe, rhino, Asian elephant or Chilean flamingo. Birthday Adopt-An-Animal packages include a plush toy and personalized certificate for the birthday child.

• Greeter – $150

Worried your guests will misplace their passes if given in advance? Add a Greeter to your party, and guests may pick up their Birthday Party Passes at the Main or Medical Center Entrance on the day of your party. The Greeter service is for two hours at the entrance and time of your choice.

• Face Painter – $350

A professional face painter will be stationed inside your rental pavilion for the duration of your two-hour reservation–for your guests exclusively.

• Catering Menu

The following menu items are available to be added to your birthday party package: Large Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza (each) – $21.99; Large Veggie or Supreme Pizza (each) – $21.99; Fresh Fruit Tray for approximately 20 guests – $42.50; Vegetable Tray for approximately 20 guests – $38.50; Cupcakes (per dozen) – $35.00

• Private Overnights

Families that want to go all out on their Zoo party event may request a private, overnight experience at the Zoo. Groups must pay for a minimum of 15 spaces to book an overnight. Private overnights cannot be booked on Friday or Saturday night unless all 60 general participation spaces are bought out.