Preventing the Summer Slide with Reading Games

reading bingo

Summer’s here!

Kids may be enjoying a break from school, but that doesn’t mean that families and caregivers can’t help them continue reading through the summer. Lexia has quick and easy activities for your child that can help build literacy skills and combat the summer slide.

Lexia Read @ Home Activities

Lexia Read @ Home Activities are hands-on activity ideas to promote literacy development at home. Readers can complete these fun games and projects using items that families already have at home.

Summer Reading Bingo Challenge®

Children can boost their literacy skills all summer long with these fun activities. Have them go for five in a row, or try to fill the whole board!

Understanding Informational Text

Check out these seven motivating activities you can do with your children to help them understand informational text. Reading informational text builds background knowledge, supports the development of academic language, and can capitalize on students’ natural curiosity about the world around them. Learn more.

Art Activities to Practice Reading Skills

While children’s imaginations may seem boundless, a little nudge to unlock their creative potential can make practicing reading skills fun and exciting. Read more.

Reading Activities to Get Kids Moving

Getting physical can boost your child’s learning! Check out these six activities to get kids up and moving. The most you’ll need for any of these activities is paper, chalk, or masking tape, and many require nothing more than a little imagination. Now get moving!

Family Game Night Ideas to Boost Literacy

Amp up the fun and go “old-school” by hosting a family game night! From brushing off a classic board game to organizing an animated debate, check out our top four ideas for family game nights to boost literacy and make learning enjoyable. So, grab the snack of your choice, and let’s get started. Game On!

Word Challenges to Build Vocabulary

Check out four fun, multisensory challenges for exploring word meanings, each of which can be adapted for Pre-K through fifth-grade readers. We organized them into Words of the Week, but feel free to introduce a word challenge whenever you need a simple activity! Read more.

Simple Ways to Promote Reading at Home

Making reading a fun part of your child’s day can be easy with these five no-prep ideas. Each is appropriate for Pre-K through fifth grade readers during summer vacations, weekends, or every day! Put them into effect today!

Now I Know My BPDs

If your child is beginning to read and write, you’ve likely found yourself explaining the difference between b, d, and p. Not only do they have similar names and shapes, they also sound alike. Making the distinction is crucial, as children need to automatically recognize and retrieve these letters for accurate reading and writing. Check out these six activities for working with your child to differentiate between these letters and sounds.

Activities for Matching Sounds and Letters

Help your child “crack the code” to reading! Check out these 10 activities that will let your children practice matching the various speech sounds of oral language to their corresponding letters in written form. Read more.

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