Simply Sweet: Dessert Trends of 2018

by Dana Balila of Dana’s Cakes

Forget fondant and say bye-bye to bundts!  We checked in with one of our favorite Instagram confectioners, who just happens to also be a busy mom in Friendswood, TX.  Dana Balila of Dana’s Cakes tells us that Instagram is driving a lot of orders these days.  Just the Instagram (IG) hashtag #cake has more than 58 million posts and #birthdaycake with 10 million plus.  Dana gives us the biggest trends and hashtags in birthday desserts for kids.



Unicorns have been a top pick for several seasons.  It can be cake, cookies, macarons, cupcakes, anything- as long as it has a horn.  The unicorn themed party is still my most requested creation.  #unicornparty 218,167 posts and #unicorncake 348,000 posts.






Another magical theme sure to please plenty of little girls is the mermaid party.  I especially get orders that want just a mermaid tail, seashells or even purple starfish. Often, purple, turquoise and gold with a little shimmer is all we need. #mermaidparty 62,238 posts.



These tiny, colorful and creative desserts are seeing a huge surge in popularity.  Macarons can take a kids party (or any occasion) to the next level. They can be plain, shaped or decorated into just about any theme you can imagine.” #macarons 2,444,048 posts.


Cream Tart Cake

Instagram is behind this idea of crisp, cookie-like dough layered with cream that’s popular with tweens, teens and everyone.  I call it a beautiful mess, but this trend originates from Israel’s Adi Klinghofer (@adikosh123). The combination of fresh (edible) flowers with macarons and fruits is just so Instagram-able whether you choose a number, a heart or any shape.



Naked Cake

While this is more for adults than kids, its always a trend my customers request for various parties.  This isn’t a new trend. But people love that organic look of being able to see the cake under the cream. #nakedcake 1,061,443 posts.





Pop Culture

While characters like Marvel and Disney are always a preschool rite of passage, for this trend, think Emoji or Pokémon. Anything simple, but pop-culture oriented, is such a great theme for boys and girls, alike. Yellow is the color of summer and this is a trend which is popular right now. #emojiparty 56,528 posts #pokemonparty 23,561 posts. 


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