Don’t Let Your Lice Removal Treatment Damage Your Hair Or Your Health!

At a recent holiday gathering, a teacher friend and I started talking about the perils of lice – and, even more so, the perils of using an over-the-counter chemical lice removal treatment. (Because, what else should we be talking about at a party?) It quickly came to light that she had experienced head lice just two years ago, when she caught them from a student.

“What did you do?” I asked. “Did you go to a lice removal treatment center or call a mobile lice center to help?”

“I wish!” she lamented. “No, I used an over-the-counter chemical solution, and it totally fried my hair.”

Unfortunately, her woeful tale is all too common amongst those who have suffered from head lice infestations. And that’s understandable. When you get lice, your first thought isn’t necessarily about preserving your silky smooth locks. It’s about getting rid of those darn lice as quickly as possible.

But before you reach for that chemical solution, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Most over-the-counter chemical lice removal products are pesticides that can be absorbed through the scalp.
  2. Chemical lice removal solutions may cause mild to severe reactions like burning, itching and inflammation.
  3. Chemical lice removal solutions are toxic and unsafe for ingestion.

Okay, that last point may sound a bit strange. But hear me out: When you compare chemical solutions with the nontoxic olive oil-based solution that we use at Lice Care Solutions, you’ll understand that chemical versus all-natural solutions really are worlds apart. Though we’d advise against downing a bottle of our solution—just as we’d advise against downing a bottle of olive oil—the result wouldn’t be half as hazardous as drinking a bottle of chemical lice removal solution.

The good news is that with all-natural, non-toxic lice removal solutions like the one we use at Lice Care Solutions, you don’t have to choose between fast relief and good health. You really can have it all.

Disclaimer: Lice Care Solutions in no way recommends ingesting our nontoxic lice removal solution.