Parents Get Tattoos To Match Their Daughter’s Birthmarks

I’m sure you have seen or heard of a lot of people getting the names of their kids tattooed on their bodies.  Some even get the faces of their kids as tattoos. But the tattoo Tanya Phillips and her husband Adam got in honor of their daughter is a very unique and touching one.

Due to medical difficulties during her birth, Honey-Rae has a birthmark that covers much of her leg. 

She’s struggled to breathe when she was first born and was rushed to the special care unit,” said Tanya. “When I went to see her she was just lying in a little incubator and that’s when I saw it. It broke my heart.”

“I just sobbed and sobbed knowing my baby was going to permanently marked for the rest of her life.”

To show their daughter her birthmark was something not to be embarrassed about, the couple went and got matching tattoos to match Honey-Rae’s birthmark. 

“It was incredibly painful, especially as I had a flower to cover some old star tattoos, but it was worth every second of the pain,” said Tanya .

When it was done, Honey-Rae saw the tattoo and said “Match” while smiling and pointing to her own leg. 


Source: Mirror


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