Book Bites: Motivation

Kindness Makes Us Strong 

by Sophie Beer 
Kindness is a friendly hello. A roaring cheer. A quick boost. Kindness is what makes us strong! This joyful board book shows various children as they extend kindness in all kinds of situations.

Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep 

by Joyce Dunbar 
This charming and reassuring bedtime story about siblings, nighttime fears, and sweet dreams will make a perfect going to bed transition.

When You Need Wings 

by Lita Judge 
This is a wonder-filled exploration of a child’s imagination, with a gentle suggestion of how to shine with courage in the real world.

I Believe I Can 

by Grace Byers 
Celebrating every child’s potential, this message affirms for boys and girls of every background that they should love and believe in themselves.  

Mercy Watson To The Rescue 

by Kate DiCamillo
Mercy the pig becomes a lovable hero in the first book of this award winning series for beginning readers.





by RJ Palacio 
Now considered a modern classic, this novel is about acceptance and kindness. Augie will fill your heart and never leave.




Here In The Real World 

by Sara Pennypacker
A heartwarming tale of friendship and acceptance about a boy who is sent to Rec Camp where he must endure the activities that “normal” kids do.

Letters To The Lost 

by Brigid Kemmerer 
Juliet writes letters to her dead mother. Declan finds one and writes back, sparking a compelling and emotional romance full of kindness and understanding.

I’m Not Dying With You Tonight 

by Gilly Segal 
Atlanta high school seniors Lena and Campbell, one black, one white, must learn to understand and rely on each other to survive after a football rivalry escalates into a riot. 





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