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Tuts: A Christmas Story

A beloved tradition for Houston families, TUTS’ annual holiday main-stage production is one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season. A funny, heartwarming adaptation of the cult-classic 1983 film, this is the most fun you’ll have this holiday season. We follow Ralphie on his journey to procure the only toy he wants this Christmas – the official Red Ryder BB model air rifle. Combining the humor of pink bunny suits and fishnet-clad fra-GEE-lay lamps with over-the-top tap numbers, quirky innocence and nostalgic warmth mark this all-American holiday classic. This self-produced work utilizes Houston’s amazing creative talent, celebrating our position as a world-class city with a strong devotion to the arts. The cast includes 19 local Humphreys School of Musical Theatre students --- including leads Ralphie (age 12) and Randy (age 11). More than 30 Houston-based members of the creative team, from directors to costumers, are employed in the creation of this production. TUTS presents Houstonians with a wonderful opportunity to support their local performing arts community and cultivate the next generation of Broadway-worthy talent. Tickets from $30.
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