Valentine’s Day DIY

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and I’m excited to share some fun crafts and activities from Lakeshore Learning! A holiday centered around spreading love is a great time to build on those social emotional skills and teach kids about kindness, respect and acceptance. While also teaching them how to explore their own emotions to help them better understand others.

TIP 1: Handprint Heart Photo Frame

TIP 2: Teach Kids About Celebrating Differences

  • Have kids create fun characters using our People Shapes Project Kit: comes with 12 People Colors, felt outfits, craft hair, wiggly eyes and more! Then have a conversation about why it’s so special that we’re all so different and unique, just like their characters!

TIP 3: Create a Kindness Jar

  • For every kind act your child does (helping out a sibling, cleaning up room, helping dad cook, etc.) put a craft pom pom (or pebble/ whatever you have on hand) in a jar.
  • When the jar is full, let your child plan a fun activity for the family! (game night, ice cream sundaes, etc.) to encourage continued kind behavior.

TIP 4: Encourage Kids to Explore Their Emotions:

  • These Stack and Build Emotion Kids are great conversation starters to have kids “build” how they are feeling, and then talk about it. Helps create a safe space for them to talk about feelings, and also encourages empathy towards others.

 TIP 5: Keep Toys on Hand that Celebrate Our Differences:

  • It’s so important to have toys at home that teach kids about diversity. That we’re all unique and special!
  • Use this as an opportunity to teach respect and kindness towards others.
  • For example, I love these Block Play People with Differing Abilities.

 For more products and activities, and to find your closest store, visit us at LakeshoreLearning.com. We also have tons of FREE learning resources, including Valentine’s worksheets and activities!

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