7 Tips To Improve  Curb Appeal Of Your Home


According to Bankrate, around 70% of homebuyers make decisions based on emotion. How a home makes you feel is a huge factor in your purchase decision – which is why sellers should prioritize cosmetic upgrades.


Passers-by and online browsers will see the front of your home first. So, how do you make sure they get a good impression?


Read on as we explore 7 tips to help you improve your home’s curb appeal – no matter how big your budget is!

  1. Upgrade Your Driveway (Or Create One?)

Driveways are a huge selling point for homes, especially attractive ones. A suburban home with a cobbled or paved driveway is much more functional than a front yard – people will need a car to get around. 


If your home’s front yard is strewn with grass and shrubbery that’s not adding much to the visual appeal, you might want to carve out some space for parking. A substantial driveway can add between 5 and 10% to the value of your home. This can be particularly beneficial if you are looking to build a duplex, where both units might need dedicated parking spaces.


And, you can easily make your driveway a DIY project to cut costs – there are plenty of stunning and unique stone types available at your local hardware store!


If you already have a driveway, you’d be better advised to review its condition. Is it covered in moss, dry leaves, or dirt? Renting a power washer is a quick fix and an inexpensive way to give your home a refresh.

  1. Ditch The Grubby Fencing

Grubby, warped, and rotting wood isn’t exactly what people want outside the front of their homes and can turn prospective buyers off. Choose a stylish and clean-looking fencing type to renew your home and create a more appealing look.


You should pay attention to the homes in your neighborhood to find a fencing aesthetic that compliments the aesthetic of your home well. For instance, Northern VA homes have a stately and clean look, and many homes are PVC-clad, which would make white PVC fencing a suitable choice. 

  1. Curate Your Landscape

Don’t underestimate how much wiry bushes and dull brown grass gardens can affect the appeal of your home. 


Cleanly trimmed shrubs with healthy full leaves and well-mowed lawns are hugely appealing characteristics. Planting bushes and investing in a strimmer will make your home’s front yard appear curated and landscaped. 


In warmer cities like Austin, incorporating fake turf can maintain a lush green appearance without the constant need for watering and upkeep.


Purchasing stones for your front yard can also help you cover dirt patches and elevate your planting beds.

  1. Recognize Lighting Is Your Friend

When you visit a hotel, restaurant, or bar, you’ll notice that external lighting features create a more high-end and planned look


UV-powered outdoor lighting features don’t just give your home that hotel veranda feel at night. They also make your home more secure. Dimly lit gardens are a thief’s delight, as they can stealthily sneak into your home without the risk of being spotted. But, a well-lit garden is a great deterrent for these intruders. 


Consider whether some driveway stake lights could make your home appear more aesthetically pleasing while providing more visibility at night – so you don’t trip over on your way into the house!

  1. Repaint Your Home

The exterior walls of your home can become dirty over time, and it might be hard to notice the gradual buildup of dirt if you’re not paying close attention. Grabbing a sud-filled bucket for your PVC cladding and adding a lick of paint will help you make your home look newer, cleaner, and fresher.


It will stand out better on multiple listing sites, and viewers will be impressed when they visit your open house. This is a simple upgrade that you can easily manage on your own – and exterior paint is relatively cheap! Just follow safety practices when using a ladder to reach the upper sections.


In a competitive real estate market, fresh paint goes a long way. For example, SD House Guys add a new coat of paint to most of their house flips in San Diego, CA. To compete against other listings, since the inventory is so low, it’s crucial to do all that you can as a seller. Painting the exterior of your home will help it stand out leagues above the rest.

  1. Update your Front Door

The front door is the focal point of your home’s front. Having a worn-down, dirty, or outdated front door devalues your home, even if buyers only notice this on a subconscious level.


Professional homebuying companies, like Brotherly Love Real Estate, swap out old front doors for new ones if they are irreparable. However, when a property has a uniquely styled door from a certain era, it could be worthwhile to refurbish it instead of replacing it altogether.


To upgrade your curb appeal, consider ditching your dull and weathered front door for a fresher, chicer look. You can choose a minimalist and modern front door, a vibrantly colored one, or a homely barn-style front door to suit your tastes. 


You can also invest in a canopy or porch for your front door if the front of your home is bland, which will create a cosier and more attractive look!

  1. Clean Your Windows

When you run your fingers along the external glass of your home, do your fingers come up clean? Or are they dusty and black? Clean windows shimmer and dazzle, and can help you create a newer feel for your home. And, they allow more light into your home – which will be seriously beneficial for your indoor appeal!


These 7 simple tips are cost-effective, and you’ll reap the rewards in the value of your home. Consider which of these upgrades you need most by stepping out of your front door and reviewing the condition of your front yard. Even if your budget is small, a good tidy and clean can make all the difference.

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