Meet Alisha McMillen, local author of A Dog Named Chuck

I am a new author of children’s book, A Dog Named Chuck… it’s available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Blue Willow Bookshop!
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Book description: Chuck is a lazy farm dog who just wants to curl up and take a nap in front of the fire. But his farmyard friend Charlene the chicken keeps calling his name. He hops up and heads to the farmyard to find out what Charlene needs. But as it turns out Charlene is just saying “Cluck. Cluck. Cluck.” Not Chuck. So he changes his name and heads back to the fire to try and get his nap. Only it happens again and again. He keeps mistaking farm animal sounds for his name. Will he ever get his nap?
Author bio: Alisha McMillen is a mom to 20-year-old twin girls. A Dog Named Chuck quietly lived in Alisha’s mind and heart for about 15 years while she was busy being a stay-at-home mom to her girls. When she and her husband, John, became empty nesters after the twins moved off to college, Alisha finally focused on getting her first children’s book published.

A Dog Named Chuck was inspired by her daughters. When they were in pre-school, Alisha would make up stories to help the time pass in the car while driving between activities. One daughter would provide two animals and the location for the story, the other, two animals and the weather for the story. A Dog Named Chuck was born from this simple but fun formula, along with many other stories. Some were good, and some were not so good — the ‘unicorn’ days were a BIG challenge!

A Dog Named Chuck became a favorite story and Alisha knew she wanted to share it with the world, hoping other young children would enjoy it as much as her twins did. Alisha lives in Texas and has two goofy, lazy dogs. Moose is an enormous chocolate lab at 136 lbs. Scout, a typical golden retriever, is the small dog at 84 lbs.


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