Tips for Making Allergy Shots Less Stressful

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Needles and allergy injections are petrifying for many kids, both old and young. The anticipation leading up to the prick of the needle can be just as bad, making the experience stressful and anxiety-inducing every time (for parent and child). 


Thankfully, there are ways to make allergy shots less stressful for you and your kiddo. From being honest and upfront about the treatment to considering other options, there are multiple resources in your arsenal to streamline the experience. 

Explain to your child what the treatment entails. 

If your child is old enough to understand the basics of what is going to happen, be upfront and honest with them. Beating around the bush can make them more nervous and trigger a meltdown when they discover a shot is in order. 


So, explain to them the injection that they’ll get, giving them a child-friendly overview of what it is and why they need it. For example, “The shot holds a little bit of medicine that will help get rid of your runny nose when you go around puppies.” 


Of course, you should adjust the explanation based on their comprehension level. Make it as simple as possible while ensuring they understand what will happen. 

Practice slow breathing. 

Breathwork can be a powerful tool to help your little one persevere through their shot. Practice taking deep, even breaths with them before the injection. When it’s time for the quick poke, have them breathe deeply with you, giving them something to focus on during the moment it takes for your healthcare provider to complete the injection. 

Listen to music or watch a show. 

Music and shows can be another great distraction, especially if you have a younger kiddo who doesn’t understand what is happening. Power up your little one’s favorite kids’ show or jam out to their go-to song while the injection takes place. Bonus points if you do a little dance as a distraction while your doctor completes the injection. 

Make it a positive experience.

Going to the doctor is a daunting prospect for many kiddos (and even some of us adults). So, to make the visits less stressful for both you and your child, make it a positive experience. This can look different for every child and parent. 


For example, you might tell your child that they can have a fun bandaid to cover their boo-boo after the shot. Or, maybe you grab a small treat, such as their favorite snack, to have on the way home. Do whatever works for you, but do your best to make it less of a scary experience.

Offer comfort. 

Allergy shots can be overwhelming, leaving your kiddo in a puddle of tears after the injection. So, in the time leading up to, during, and after the shot, offer your child comfort. Let them know that it’s okay to be scared or nervous and offer to hold their hand (with older children) or snuggle them tight (with younger kids) when the injection takes place. 


You are their comfort blanket, so be sure to offer the support they need to weather the injection. 

Consider allergy drops over allergy shots. 

Getting frequent shots can be scary for a youngster, especially if they’re scared of needles. If that sounds like your kiddo, allergy drops might be a better solution than allergy shots. Unlike shots, allergy drops don’t involve any injections. 


Instead, they use a few liquid drops administered under the tongue to achieve the same result as allergy shots. Many kiddos aren’t phased by a few drops of liquid, especially compared to an injection. Of course, you should choose the option that works best for your child and that your doctor recommends based on your child’s needs. 

Make Allergy Shots a Breeze for Your Kiddo

Injections are tough for countless people, especially kids. The prospect of being poked by a sharp needle and the resulting burn as the contents of the syringe pass under the skin is overwhelming. However, with the right steps, you can simplify the injection process, ensuring your kiddo is more comfortable and relaxed going into each injection. Remember, this can look different for every family, so do what works best for you.


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