Easter Basket Gift Ideas from Houston Family Magazine

Easter is around the corner and we have some fun ideas for this year’s Easter baskets. Take a look.

Kurio Ultimate Kids Smart Watch
When you leave the house for the day, you can bring your cell phone, gaming system and MP3 player along – if you can spare the pocket space. Make phone calls and send texts with other Kurio watches and Android devices thanks to the Bluetooth functionality, or add a soundtrack to your on-the-go adventures by blasting some tunes from the music player. Test your skills in solo games or challenge a friend to two-player games to earn your title as champion. Plus, the In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) app safely stores your emergency contacts, medical information and other critical data, so mom and dad can enjoy peace of mind while you’re out and about. $49.99. www.ToysRUs.com/Kurio

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Rarity Fashion Runway Playset
RARITY loves to create and wear fun fashionable outfits. Fans can dress this 3-inch RARITY pony figure with a twist! Place RARITY and her outfit on the fashion runway platform and slide the heart-shaped button to dress the pony figure. She twirls as she slides in and out of the outfit! The playset comes with 3 adorable outfits with a clip-and-style feature to dress the RARITY figure by hand or on the playset runway.  Pony figures include FLUTTERSHY, RAINBOW DASH, and PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE. Each sold separately. $19.99. www.HasbroToyShop.com

There are 3 duck families, each with a mother duck and a few ducklings. The yellow duck family has 5 members, the red 4 and the green 3. Can you use deduction skills to place the three duck families so that all ducklings follow their mothers? Follow the color-based and numerical clues to find the right spot for each duck! A magnetic travel game featuring 48 challenges, Deducktion is a perfect travel companion!  $9.99. www.smartgamesusa.com

Mobo Mini 2 – The World’s Smallest Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser Tricycle
Suitable for ages 2-5, the trike was conceptualized with an “eye on our children’s future” mentality. It encourages physical activity while aiding in developing hand-eye coordination and muscle strength. With quality you can trust, the Mobo Mini 2 delivers a sturdy, adjustable frame, comfortable cushioned seat, chainless chassis, and never-flat rubber tires coupled with fenders, which ensure parents peace of mind.  $129.99. www.mobocruiser.com

Kidz Delight My Lil’ Bongo Shape Sorter
This unique shape sorter will have baby making music while developing early learning skills. It comes with five different shaped pieces, each associated with a specific color, instrument and animal. It helps baby develop fine motor skills, logic, sound recognition and hand-eye coordination with three different ways to play: In Discovery mode, baby learns about each shape, animal, color and instrument.  $19.99. www.toysrus.com

Green Toys Wagon
It’s sturdy and durable and features a 100% cotton rope handle that easily tucks inside for convenient, safe storage. With chunky tires and a low-set bed, it is the perfect size for little ones to haul around their most prized possessions, both indoors and outside.  For ages 1 and up. $24.99. www.greentoys.com


Noah’s Ark
All animals must get to their place in the ark – each side by side, in pairs, so all species stay together. Arrange the puzzles pieces to ensure that all 10 animals have their feet on the floorboards, and that everyone is stationed on the boat! $9.99. www.smartgamesusa.com


Magformers Shimmer and Shine 42Pc Set
Boom Zahramay! Are you ready to build and create? Construct Shimmer and Shine Genie Lamps, Balls and more with Magformers new 42Pc Set. Follow along with 8 idea mats to build your Magformers from 2D to 3D. Connect Genie Jewels and watch your ideas sparkle. Add your 8 favorite double-sided character cards, including Shimmer and Shine, Nahal, Tala, Zac & Leah. $49.99. www.magformers.com


Color Cube Sudoku
Color Cube Sudoku is a brilliant re-imagining of the classic Sudoku puzzle using colors instead of numbers. Flip and arrange your nine color cubes until no colors repeat in any row or column. With over 2 trillion different ways to position the 3-D cubes, it’s more challenging than it may appear. Ages 8 and up. $19.99. www.thinkfun.com



Kidz Delight My Lil’ Tiger Phone
The Tiger Phone is baby’s very own first phone – so mom and dad can have theirs back! Perfectly shaped for little hands, Tiger Phone playfully introduces little ones to numbers by asking them to push the correct buttons on the phone. Push the tiger’s tail or make a pretend call for cute sound effects! $7.99. www.toysrus.com



Fidgitz twists and turns in a unique fluid motion that will mesmerize players for hours on end. Your goal is to twist and manipulate the puzzle until one side is all blue and the other side is all white. It’s a challenging brainteaser and a fidget toy all in one! Ages 8 and up. $9.99. www.thinkfun.com



Spin-a-roo is a fast-paced counting and sorting game that offers young learners two ways to play. Players take turns cranking the spinner to dispense tokens. Players rush to collect the most tokens as you sort numbers and colors, or count up and down from one to ten. Spin-a-roo reinforces critical STEM skills in young learners, and is exciting enough for the whole family to play together. Ages 4 and up. $19.99. www.thinkfun.com


Chicken Shuffle
Keep your eggs covered. The chickens are clucking away down on the farm. Each broody chicken wants to sit on her egg, but that’s not as simple as it sounds! Chicken Shuffle is a unique sliding puzzle that challenges you to shuffle the chickens around until all eggs are covered. Each challenge becomes more difficult! $14.99. www.smartgamesusa.com


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