Spring Clean Your Home’s Energy

Spring-clean your home’s energy.

Your living room carpet? Pretty clean. Your three-year-old son’s face after trying spaghetti for the first time? Not even close. That hard-to-reach area behind the fridge? Clean enough. Let’s be real. Some things in your life will never be perfectly clean. And that’s okay.

But your energy can be. And that’s exciting.

With every sunrise, Green Mountain Energy is changing the way power is made. And your home can be your promise to your planet that tomorrow will be cleaner than yesterday. We use 100% renewable energy to power your home.

Are you ready to start your spring-cleaning?


Oh, and one more thing. We’re at several nearby events in the coming months, sponsored by Houston Family Magazine. Stop by, say hi, and keep your spring-cleaning going all year.

Summer Fun Fests
June 4, LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch
June 11, The Woodlands Mall

Fall Fun Fests
October 29, LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch
November 5, The Woodlands Mall

And one more…
October 14, Houston Family Baby Expo at Memorial City Mall

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