Ember & Greens in Memorial: Family Feel, Great Food

Contemporary American, Healthy Cuisine with International Influences

If you’re looking for a welcoming restaurant which serves up delicious and fresh dishes in a great neighborhood, you can call off the search. Ember & Greens is the Memorial Houston area’s newest family-owned and operated restaurant and bar dishing up healthy comfort food and unique American dishes with some international flair. The cute neighborhood restaurant has a relaxed vibe and is filled with friends, couples, families and some charming waiters. The mother-son duo have deep roots in the Memorial Villages for over 20 years and pride themselves on serving a menu focused around seasonal, nutritious bites with bold flavors. The menu includes many delicious options for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike made with locally-sourced produce, which makes eating out with a conscience a real pleasure!

The centerpiece of the restaurant is a blazing, coal-fired oven, which is where the inspiration for “Ember” in the name comes from. And “Greens” is meant to capture the restaurant’s focus on natural, fresh and whole foods.  The oven is where they fire-roast their signature dish, the Citrus Crusted Chicken, along with seasonal veggies, flatbreads and much of its fun, healthy and unique fare, in fact, they might even convert you to the greener side of life. The message is clear – the owners want you to make friends with food, and enjoy healthy dishes that are both comforting and delicious.  Always on the menu, and always worth an order is the burger – guaranteed to win your child’s heart and belly. Extra napkins are necessary, FYI. 


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