Top 8 Jobs to Apply for during COVID-19

Top 8 jobs to apply for during COVID-19. The pandemic has made a significant impact on the economy on so many levels. Every industry suffers from the COVID-19 blow; some are even put out of business due to the situation. The most affected sectors are tourism, manufacturing, and every other sector that depended heavily on physical customers.

In spite of the outbreak, some industries just can’t afford to hit pause. Healthcare providers, for instance, are giving their best to take care of affected patients, but there’s always more room for help. This is an example of a resilient job that will endure any tests, as we have all witnessed.

What’s crazy is that COVID-19 has significantly changed some aspects of the current job market. For instance, remote working was previously associated exclusively with digital nomads, but the pandemic showed us that it is indeed a viable working model for most professions.

Another example is that the pandemic had triggered unemployment in some industries while at the same time, others are generating even more jobs than ever. In fact, a report by Glassdoor revealed that the number of job postings has increased three-fold during the COVID-19 outbreak. In this article, we will show you some of the most resilient jobs that you can apply for, even when the pandemic is still wreaking havoc in some parts of the world.


Doctors and nurses are the primary sources of help during the outbreak, but there’s a vast community working around them to get everything done accurately. From biotech experts to pharmacists, and even translators who make it easier for everyone to receive help. There are dozens of jobs in the healthcare industry and not just during this pandemic. According to the same Glassdoor report, 32% of job postings during these trying times come from government institutions.

Machine Learning

Dozens of skills contribute toward putting an end to the COVID-19 situation and one of them is machine learning. This skill allows biotech professionals, drug developers, and virologists to find the best treatments for this disease. The benefit of working with machine learning or even quantum computing is that data processing is done way faster than with traditional research. That’s why the demand for this skill is growing during the pandemic. If you’re one of the machine learning engineers that would like to explore solutions for the COVID-19 virus, you can apply for job positions in this field.

Shipping and Delivery

Ordering things by delivery was a normalized trend even before coronavirus, but this pandemic has accelerated its growth. The delivery and shipping companies are always hiring personnel during this pandemic because the demand for this service is exceptionally high and they need more employees than ever. Just keep in mind that you need to be extremely careful and take preventive measures against COVID-19 because this job requires physical health and endurance.

Online Education

Online learning has substituted traditional education, at least in this situation. More and more universities, schools, and coding bootcamps are now moving to the digital arena. If you’re specialized in any particular subject and you’d like to work from home, online education could be an excellent field for you to venture into. There are even teaching certificates that you can obtain online to ensure you are qualified to teach and provide lessons to others.

Software Engineering

Doctors and nurses are allocating their efforts to keep everyone healthy and stop spreading the virus, but they’re not the only ones. If you have no medical background, you can still work in the healthcare industry. The telemedicine industry, for instance, is scaling right now and the demand for software engineering and mobile development is ever-growing. A lot of telemedicine companies are still hiring tech talent because they need developers who can update and maintain their platforms.

To work as a software engineer, you need to be proficient in coding languages such as JavaScript or Python and have excellent mathematical skills. Here are some schools where you can learn this skill during the pandemic: Flatiron School, Thinkful, and Springboard. All of these schools are currently offering online training and you can graduate within six months.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another industry that won’t stop for the coronavirus outbreak. Companies still need to manage their image and communities. They also need to be there for their customers by maintaining active engagements in spite of the pandemic. If you want to expand your skills in this matter, there are great digital marketing bootcamps where you can get the right training to become a certified digital marketer. General Assembly and Thinkful are some of the leading schools that can train you on the essential aspects of marketing such as audience segmentation, growth hacking, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Project Management

Every company needs a project manager, regardless of the situation. This also hasn’t changed during this outbreak. A project manager is a professional who monitors the job of other members of the team to make sure everybody stays on track. Other responsibilities include budgeting, setting strategies, and finding opportunities to make the project successful. Thinkful’s project management bootcamp will show you all the fundamental skills you need to become a certified project manager.

Customer Service

Customer service is a non-stop department at any company. Customers won’t stop making requests during the coronavirus lockdown. Companies need to show customers that they’re there to help no matter what. The demand for customer service professionals has only increased since the COVID-19 situation started. Now, do you have the skills to become a customer service assistant? It is an essential area of digital marketing. This role requires excellent communication skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


Whether we like it or not, the entire job landscape is changing thanks to coronavirus. Therefore, companies need to find ways to continue offering services to their customers. Technology will always play a massive role in this transition. We need to learn new skills that allow us to keep working no matter the situation. If you’re unemployed now, don’t panic. More companies are generating remote work. If you have the right skills and attitude, you’ll be able to find a great job.

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