10 Grocery Store Items a Dietitian Swears By

10 Grocery Store Items a Registered Dietitian Swears By

After you have filled your cart with healthy fruits and vegetables, you might be tempted to add some questionable items to your grocery haul, and it is sometimes hard to tell what is actually good for you with buzz words like “low fat” and “all-natural.” Not to worry, Denise Hernandez MS, RD, LD of The Houstonian Club, rounded up ten delicious and family-friendly items that should make it onto your grocery list every time 9like peanut butter). After all, if a nutrition expert isn’t buying it, should you?

Two Good Yogurt This healthier yogurt has 80% less sugar than average Greek yogurts, because it’s made with a unique slow straining process that removes sugar from the milk, leaving 2g of total sugar in each 5.3 oz. cup. According to Hernandez, this product’s lower sugar profile makes it good to snack on throughout the day and even for those late-night sweet cravings.

Kodiak Cakes Widely known for their variety of protein and fiber-packed options, Kodiak Cakes offers everything from waffles and pancakes to baking mixes and oatmeal as well as gluten-free options. Hernandez encourages her clients to experiment with the flapjack and waffle mixes to make quick bread, cakes, muffins, and doughnuts.

KIND Bars and products Hernandez recommends KIND products because they are made from nutritionally-dense ingredients like whole nuts, fruits, and whole grains. They don’t have any secret ingredients, artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. Most of the bars contain less than 5 grams of natural sugar, and they are kid and adult friendly.

Dave’s Killer Bread Dave’s Killer Bread has a full range of multi and whole-grain products packed with protein and fiber.

PB2 Looking for peanut butter flavor without the fat and oil? Hernandez recommends PB2, which is created by pressing freshly roasted peanuts to remove most of the oil. It is then mixed with a little sugar and a dash of salt for flavor, and the result is peanut butter with 90% less fat and almost 70% fewer calories than traditional peanut butter. According to Hernandez, PB2 is great for everything from protein shakes to cookie dough.

Chomps Meat Sticks For a quick, easy snack high in protein, Hernandez recommends Chomps Meat Sticks. They come in various flavors and are great for making a nutritious mini charcuterie board with a chopped-up Chomp stick, nuts, cheese, and sliced apple.

Perfect Bars Perfect Bar is full of healthy, nutrient-dense fats and protein that is sure to keep you satiated while on the go. They are stored in the fridge to keep as fresh as possible, but all you must do is let them thaw for five minutes before eating to get that perfect consistency. Half a bar makes a great snack for satisfying sweet cravings, and you can also flatten them out and bake in a toaster oven, air fryer, or on broil for a few minutes to make delicious and nutritious “cookies.”

Simple Mills Simple Mills have various gluten-free products, everything from crackers to baked goods that feature almond and cassava flour, packing higher fiber content making them lower in carbs.

Primal Kitchen Hernandez warns against savory condiments with loads of hidden sugar and recommends Primal Kitchen as a great alternative. Avocado oil mayo, no sugar added ketchup, soy-free/no sugar teriyaki marinade, and no sugar BBQ sauce are a few at the top of her list.

Lily’s Chocolate Chocolate aficionados will love this naturally sweetened chocolate brand. Lily’s Chocolate has a wide variety of flavors and offers chocolate chips and baking chocolate.

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