Calling All Room Moms: A Valentine’s Day Party Plan

by Pam Molnar

Every February 14th, thousands of students celebrate Valentine’s Day with a classroom party. They exchange Valentine’s cards, make a craft and play a few games. As a Room Mom, it is hard to come up with ideas that the kids have not seen before. If you are still struggling with ideas for your child’s classroom party, look no further. 


Valentine’s Day T-shirts 
Purchase a white t-shirt for every child, along with pink and red paint, cotton balls and cotton swabs. You will also need removable glue dots. Using posterboard, cut out shapes of different sized hearts, arrows or other Valentines Day graphics. Have the kids place the shapes on the flat shirt, securing with glue dots. Use the cotton balls and swabs to make dots of colors all around the edges of the cardboard and beyond. When done, remove the cardboard to reveal a white shape of the heart or cupid surrounded by a cool dot design.

Family Bracelet 
The kids can make this project for their best Valentine (Mom) or the girls may want to keep it for themselves. Purchase elastic string and beads to make a family bracelet. Choose bead colors to correspond with birthstone colors – red for January, purple for February, etc. – and let the kids choose the bead colors for their family. Find heart shaped spacer beads to complete the design.

Corkboard Frame 
For this project, you will need ¼” thick corkboard cut into 4” squares, clear pushpins and colored yarn. Have the kids arrange the pushpins in the shape of a heart and wind the yarn around the pushpins to form a heart shaped frame. Ask the parents ahead of time for a photo of their child and have them available for the kids to put in the middle of the frame. Embellish the rest of the frame with foam stickers or jewels.


Musical Hearts 
A Valentine’s Day spin on the two classic games: Musical Chairs and Hot Potato. Using hinged clothes pins, pass around a paper heart in while seated in a circle. Like Musical Chairs, play music as they pass the heart. If you break a heart, drop a heart or have the heart when the music stops, you are out. This game moves quickly!

Matching Hearts 
This is a whole class game. Write the name of a famous couple (like Mickey and Minnie) or other items that would go together (salt and pepper or hat and gloves) on each half of a heart. Mix up the halves and pass the hearts out to the students. Can everyone find their match in 5 minutes? How about in 2 minutes?

Twisted Hearts
Kids love the game Twister! Create a Valentine’s Day version by taping 16 colored hearts on the floor. (Not enough room for 16? Make smaller rows or use less colors.) Create your own spinner or create colored dice – one with the heart color and the other one with the words for right or left, hands and feet.

Plant a Kiss on the Mascot 
Recreate your school mascot or shine a digital version on the wall. Make enough paper lips for each student. Blindfold the student and have a partner (like one from the Matching Hearts game) tell him where to place the lips. The closest lips win.

Fill an empty wide mouthed bottle (like Gatorade) halfway with candy hearts. Use super glue to attach another bottle mouth to mouth and tape around it to secure. For this game, have the kids roll the dice and then try to shake down all the hearts except that number into the other bottle. For example, if they roll a three, they need to shake down most of the hearts into the next bottle, leaving three remaining in the first bottle. For an added challenge, give them a time limit or create two shakers and make it a race.

Pam Molnar is a freelance writer and mother of three. She has been a Room Mom for 10 years. For more party ideas, follow Pam on Etsy at Pam’s Party Printables.

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