Keeping Your Family Safe in an Amusement Park

amusement park

Amusement parks are supposed to be fun. That’s made clear in the name. Yet things can go wrong. Here are a few tips for keeping yourself and your family safe in an amusement park, no matter which one you’re visiting.


Take Reasonable Precautions


You’ve probably seen the signs on the entry to the amusement park’s parking lot. Don’t leave valuables in the car. Lock your car when you leave it. If you leave valuable items in an unlocked car, they’re not responsible for them being stolen by thieves who drive through or the sticky fingers of other attendees.


You should also take reasonable precautions regarding your health. Drink a lot of water, especially on hot days. Try to stay cool in the summer, whether you use a mister bottle or keep everyone supplied with cool drinks. If you have a heart condition or other serious health problem, don’t go on rides that are not recommended given your situation.


Follow the Rules


The amusement park isn’t liable if you choose to violate safety rules and precautions put in place for your safety. The classic example is jumping over a fence intended to keep you away from dangerous animals or equipment and then getting hurt. On the other hand, you can hire a premise liability attorney if they didn’t properly engage the existing safety equipment. For example, sometimes people fall out of roller coasters because the restraints weren’t properly engaged.


Supervise Your Children

Keep your children near you, so that they don’t touch something that’s off limits or squeeze through the fence to go play with the lions. If you’re in line, try to have the kids on the next car if you can’t all ride together. And tell the children to wait for you to get off instead of running ahead. Talk to your kids about what to do if they get separated from you or lost in the amusement park, so that they don’t end up in an area off-limits for their literal safety.


Find Age-Appropriate Activities


When they have height limits or weight limits on a ride, obey them. Don’t try to squeeze a kid in on a ride meant for someone three inches taller; the restraints may not work properly. Note that the same is true if you’re over the weight limit. Do your research, and choose rides and activities that the whole family can enjoy before you go. Or come up with a plan to handle the disparity, such as having Mom take the toddler to a park ride they can do together while Dad and the older kids go on the high speed ride.


Be aware of potential risks that are fun for adults but may cause problems for kids. For example, a wave of water from a splash ride hitting everyone a bridge isn’t a problem for teens, but it could knock over a small child.


Plan Your Food and Drink in Advance


We’ve already mentioned the importance of staying hydrated when it is hot out. You’ll need to take care to keep everyone in the party hydrated if you’re walking a lot, too. Note that children riding in strollers need to be kept hydrated, as well. You may not be allowed to bring outside drinks into the park, so plan what you’ll do. This might mean buying refillable water or beverage containers in the park. Just don’t load up on caffeinated drinks, since these dehydrate you.

Be smart with food and drink. Don’t eat a big meal and then go on a high speed, twisting, turning ride. Pay attention to the food preparation. Don’t eat meat that’s left out for a long time. If the food handlers aren’t maintaining hygienic standards, find somewhere else to eat. You don’t want to end up with food poisoning at an amusement park.


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