Mesothelioma is an aggressive and terminal cancer. As one of the cancers known as a “silent killer,” mesothelioma often develops beyond a curable level without showing any symptoms. Many patients discover that by the time they are showing traditional symptoms, treatment towards a cure is already too late.

That doesn’t mean that mesothelioma patients are without hope. Early detection is the key to fighting this serious disease. Anyone that has had extended exposure to asbestos should be regularly tested for issues along with having a chest x-ray. The faster mesothelioma is discovered, the more likely treatment is to be successful in extending a patient’s life.
Mesothelioma develops when the lining of the lungs is infected with invading particles, most often found to be asbestos. Once these fibers get into the tissues, they cause irritation leading to mutation of cells forming tumors. There are several traditional treatment courses along with newer alternative treatments that have been shown to help patients with mesothelioma. In this article, we will look at the causes of and how to fight mesothelioma.


The most prevalent cause of mesothelioma is extended exposure to asbestos. Those that work in industries where asbestos is common are at higher risk for infection. Asbestos is a natural substance that happens to be extremely strong and fire-resistant, making it the perfect substance for many construction materials. Commercial and residential flooring, insulation, shingles, and even brake assemblies for your vehicle all contain higher amounts of asbestos.
Although asbestos has been largely phased out as a construction material because of the associated health risks, many careers pose a higher threat of infection, leading to mesothelioma. For example, in the construction industry, many old buildings are packed full of asbestos-based materials. When working in this environment, especially during demolition, asbestos fibers are forced into the air and can be easily inhaled.


The most obvious way to fight mesothelioma is to be proactive. Be aware of your environment and find out about the risks that you may be facing. If you work in an industry where asbestos exposure is a risk, talk to your employers about safety protocols. Wearing a mask and other protective equipment is vital to avoid infection.
If someone that you live with works in an industry that deals with asbestos, install a routine of proper clothes washing and bathing that will limit the number of particles that end up in your home. Having a thorough inspection done to determine if there is asbestos present is imperative for homeowners of older houses. You may need to replace elements of your home, including shingles, flooring, and insulation.


Although there is no present cure for late-stage mesothelioma, some traditional treatments can help with early detection and extending the lives of patients.
●      If the tumors are present in the lungs in an area that is viable, a resection may be possible to remove the cancerous area
●      Full-spectrum chemotherapy is a common treatment option for mesothelioma patients. This treatment can often shrink the size of tumors or slow the growth, resulting in an extended lifespan
●      A mixture of natural supplements and radiation therapies can be successful in treating the symptoms of mesothelioma. In boosting the immune system, the body is better able to fight the spread of this disease

Alternative Treatments

There are several alternative treatments for mesothelioma that can help patients with their journey. Although none of these methods is capable of providing a cure, they are helpful in managing symptoms and giving comfort. Natural and alternative treatments for mesothelioma include:
●      Diet and exercise
●      Medical marijuana
●      TENS therapy
●      Meditation
●      Yoga

A mesothelioma diagnosis can be devastating, but with early detection and a proactive treatment team, you can fight mesothelioma and improve your quality of life.


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