4 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard for Houston Summer

Winter weather can leave your backyard wanting. In most parts of the U.S., the ground is often covered in snow until April. However, snow doesn’t fall so often in Houston, Texas and whenever it does, it doesn’t last long on the ground. Summer weather in Houston can be unforgiving to your backyard without proper preparation. Here are four ways you can prepare and maintain your backyard landscape to stay alluring and resilient throughout the Houston summer. Let’s get started:

1. Rake Your Backyard

Raking should be the first thing when preparing your backyard for summer. Rake and clean your backyard, collect all the leaves, twigs as well as any other debris that might have built up. Through raking, you get rid of unwanted materials from your backyard, allowing your lawn to access the water and nutrients it requires. Raking can also help make your lawn safer for kids. By keeping your backyard tidy, your lawnmower also lasts longer and your backyard is safer.

2. Mow the Grass

This is another crucial Houston summer prep for your backyard. Consider cutting all the old grass while removing all the dead ends and debris. As some approaches, dead grass has probably accumulated, with stray stems and leaves that are disappointing to our eyes. In the case of Bermuda lawns, it is preferable to cut to half an inch, cutting to one inch long for other types of grass. Additionally, mowing will allow the sun to reach and warm the soil for the grass to grow faster and with a healthy green color.

3. Aerate Your Soil

Whenever it’s cold, the ground becomes more dense, making it difficult for air and water to get to the lawn roots. While you may consider waiting until the ground loosens up naturally, you can speed up the process through aerating the soil. You can start by extracting small plugs of soil from the ground and depositing it on the lawn, and it will later break up sinking into your yard grass. You may also hire a core aerator machine from your local landscaping store and have your backyard soil aerated faster and efficiently. Keeping your backyard soil properly aerated helps the grass to grow faster, thicker, and healthier.

4. Add an Outdoor Living Space

With Texas being among the hottest states in the U.S., you can expect the warmer months to be quite hot in Houston during summer. This is why adding an outdoor living space makes sense to many homeowners in Space City. As the folks at Malone’s Landscape put it, there are dozens of options available when incorporating an outdoor space in your landscaping design. Whether you are designing one for your new home or are planning an outdoor redesign, expert landscapers in Houston can present you with ideas to choose from. When included in your backyard, an outdoor space can be a great way to beat the heat during the warmer months in Houston.

5. Apply Fertilizer and a Pre-Emergent Weed Killer

Applying fertilizer is a great way to supplement your backyard lawn with plenty of nutrients lost in the earlier seasons. Consider applying fertilizer to your lawn early in spring before the warmer months in Houston come knocking. You can also use suitable pre-emergent herbicides as a natural way of preventing weeds from growing in your yard. Most lawn experts recommend applying fertilizer at least twice a year. They can also help you choose the right fertilizer for the type of grass you have on your lawn.

Preparing your backyard for Houston summer may seem overwhelming to many folks. With a few tips and tricks, however, it becomes a walk in the park. All the same, the tips offered above can help you prep your backyard so it looks appealing, comfortable, and refreshing during Houston summer.




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