Best Flooring Options for Home With Kids

The aftermath of the winter storm is not behind all of us just yet. With busting pipes and considerable damage, you might want to re-evaluate new flooring and upgrade to materials that are more suitable for families and also add equity to your home. Whether your bundle of joy is only starting to crawl or you’re moving into a new home with your ever running toddler, keeping them safe is imperative. Inadequate floors can potentially cause allergies aside from other problems. That’s why you should reconsider your carpet flooring and start looking into better alternatives. From hardwood to laminate, there’s a full spectrum of child-friendly flooring that will make your home both elegant and safe for your little one.

Bamboo floors

How does a kid-friendly and eco-friendly at the same time sound? Quite good, right? Well, that’s exactly what bamboo is. A type of flooring that’s not only great for homes with kids, but also durable will be a great companion throughout the years. On top of that, bamboo is stain-resistant, so every family with one or more kids will appreciate it more than anything. Accidental spills are very common between young children, and bamboo will handle those better than any other flooring. You can choose between strand-woven bamboo and caramelized one, for instance. Depending on the strength you need, you can choose the former for more strength or the latter if you need something a bit weaker.

Hardwood is great too

Unlike carpeting, the hardwood floor is much easier to clean. Furthermore, it can withstand years of tearing, scratches, spills and stains. All it will require is sanding when you notice any marks or scratches. And that won’t happen for at least 10 years. More importantly, hardwood won’t ever accumulate and collect animal dander, mould, pollen, or dust. That makes it an even better option for a kid-friendly home. You won’t have to worry about your child developing or having their allergies worse. Oak, Australian cypress and Brazilian cherry are some of the most popular types of hardwood floors. When you start looking up hardwood floors, remember that lighter colours can help hide dents and scratches better than darker could.

Laminate will withstand anything

Would you still like hardwood floors, but you can’t afford them in the entire house? No worries, we have a more cost-effective suggestion. Laminate flooring is just as attractive and elegant as hardwood floors, but cost much less. Thanks to the image of a wood species pressed on top, your floors will look amazing, and your children won’t have to worry about slipping, or spilling anything. All you need to keep it clean and shiny is a vacuum cleaner, broom, and damp mop. You won’t have to worry about spills and stains, because everything your child can spill you’ll be able to wipe in a matter of seconds.


Vinyl as a great alternative

Another very popular flooring option for homes with children is vinyl. One of the reasons it’s very used is the fact that it is unaffected by water. Also, vinyl is stain-resistant and requires very low maintenance. When you add the fact that it’s inexpensive and very durable, you get a quite perfect combination for your home. Vinyl won’t rip or tear easily either.

Cork will last for years

If you’re looking for softness similar to carpets, cork may be your go-to option. Being naturally soft beneath your feet, cork offers all the comfort you need while offering antimicrobial properties. Cork naturally repels mould growth, it’s antistatic, and you can rest assured that dirt and dust won’t stick to it. You’ll have a cleaner and allergens-free room if you choose cork flooring. Sweeping regularly and vacuuming twice a week will be enough to keep the floors clean.

Final thoughts

Making your home safe for the kids is every parent’s imperative. One of the ways to do it is to make the right choice when it comes to flooring. In the sea of options sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right one. However, if you decide to invest in some of the previously mentioned floor types, you’ll make the right choice. Every one of the flooring options we’ve listed will be safe for your kid and allow them to have a happy and healthy development.

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