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Child Influencer: Monologue Mondays

Chase Your Dreams: Aubrey Scott, Child Influencer’s Monologue Mondays.

“Happy monologue Monday!” Aubrey Scott enthusiastically recites a monologue in a video shared with her thousands of Instagram followers. She pours the ingredients to slime into an orange bowl only to be interrupted by a figure off-camera.


“But mom! Please!” She begs, only to begin negotiating the next second.


“Okay, I’ll make you a deal. If I finish this, I’ll go straight to bed.” With a growing smile, she begins to mix the ingredients together, and the camera fades to a shot of her glow-in-the-dark slime.


This adorable monologue is one of many in a series called Monologue Mondays on six-year-old Aubrey’s Instagram account @iamaubreyscott. With more than 35,000 views on her YouTube channel and a large following on social media, Aubrey is cementing her place as a child influencer. Her journey in the digital world began at the age of three when she created a cooking show. With a wide range of videos including the above-described Monologue Mondays, Tasty Tuesdays (where she reviews some of the best food around), and unboxing videos, her YouTube channel steadily gained popularity.


Before the pandemic, Aubrey and her family moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Within two weeks of their arrival in LA, Aubrey featured in a Pandora music commercial wherein she danced to a catchy beat. She released four songs of her own and acted in three public service announcements, a movie for Amazon Prime, and five student films.


Aubrey is homeschooled by her mother, and she reads at a ninth-grade level, pursuing her love of music and acting on the side. Houston Family Magazine had the chance to speak with this inspirational child influencer. Keep reading!


What prompted you to start your YouTube channel at the age of three?

Well, actually, it was sort of a mistake. One of my friends was babysitting me and we thought that we could make a cute little video of me making French toast to show my mom. But then after my mom saw it, she said, “Oh, wow, this is amazing. I think this could be on a YouTube channel!” And that’s how I started my YouTube channel.


It was a happy accident! That’s wonderful. And from there, you branched out to so many new things, including Monday monologues and cooking videos. Tell me more about your YouTube journey.

Well, one of the highs is that my first music video got over 12,000 views. One of the lows is that it was hard for me to get subscribers. I promoted my videos a lot and in the end, I ended up getting a big audience!


How do you deal with the feedback that comes with being online? Is it mostly positive?

Yes, it’s mostly positive. But on most of my videos, the comments are turned off, just as a precaution. It’s always good to have positivity, though. It feels nice to know that people enjoy my videos.


You moved to Los Angeles before the pandemic to pursue a career in entertainment. Your first production was an ad for Pandora. How was that experience?

Well, I got to dance! It was really fun. They didn’t even choreograph my dances for me. They just let me dance however I wanted to. I found that there was a bit of a difference between commercials and YouTube videos. On YouTube, some of the lines are scripted, but the actions are certainly scripted. It was nice to have some freedom!


You’ve dabbled in YouTube videos, commercials, student films, and also professionally produced movies on Amazon Prime. Which of these mediums do you enjoy the most?

Well, I can’t decide, because I just love being on camera! With YouTube videos, I get to be me, and that makes me happy. On film sets, I get to do different characters and voices. I could be an animal, I could be a tree, or I could be another human. That makes me happy, too!


What did you learn from your time working on your ad for Pandora?

I learned that no matter what, you can do whatever you want… well, maybe not whatever you want… and reach your goals! The possibilities are endless!


Throughout your journey in entertainment, who have been sources of support for you?

My mommy and daddy are really supportive of me. My mom is my manager – she helps me with the auditions that I participate in, and she homeschools me too. My dad helps me with writing songs, and he helps me be creative.


Is there anyone who you’ve had in your time in entertainment who has been an inspirational figure for you?

I would say that Skai Jackson is an inspiration to me because I can see myself playing similar roles to her. Also, people say that I look just like Raven Simone when she was young. Do you see the resemblance?


Yes, I do! What’s your message for other kids who are inspired by what you do or who want to get into the entertainment industry?

Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. If you want to do something, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Like I said before, the possibilities are endless!


What’s next for you?

I am writing new songs, planning new live performances, creating some new and exciting YouTube videos, and I’m making my big-screen debut soon.

It was wonderful to speak with Aubrey, and I can certainly say that I was inspired by all the great things she has done at such a young age.

 You can follow Aubrey on Instagram at @iamaubreyscott and subscribe to her YouTube channel: Aubrey’s World Network.

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