Clare Kramer: Former Buffy Cast Member “Glory” and Current Moderator of the Fandemic Tour

interview by Kimberly Davis Guerra | photos by Karolina King


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

 Born in Atlanta and raised in Ohio, my career got off to a start with a contract as “Wendy” for the Wendy’s franchise. After graduating from high school, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in just three years from NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. From there, I went on to work in New York in numerous stage plays before appearing in small roles in film and TV. My career really took off after my role in Bring It On, when I caught the eye of the producers for Buffy.


You call yourself a “geek”, is that what brought you to moderating comic cons?

Moderating comic con panels is like a dance: You need to guide the conversation along, but you can’t overpower it. I love talking about “geek” shows but having been in the actor’s seat since my time on “Buffy,” I also know how to ask questions that get actors talking, so when I was asked to moderate panels, it seemed like a natural fit!


Comic Cons have definitely become an incredible way for TV & film stars to interact with their fans. What is your favorite part of bringing the fans and stars together?

I just love watching fans get to meet the same people who helped shape their childhoods, the people they never imagined they’d get the chance to thank.


What is the best thing you have ever witnessed at one of these events?

In 2016, 25 or 30 comic book artists came onstage during Stan Lee’s panel to honor him. Seeing them all file in with artwork they had made and stories about how he inspired them was really moving.


Who are some of your favorites that you have worked with?

The great Stan Lee, of course. Chris Hemsworth, Gal Gadot, William Shatner, Lena Headey, Alice Cooper, Gwendolyn Christie, Michael Rooker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan all are stand outs, but really, I just enjoy talking to fellow artists about their work. 


Who are you looking forward most to seeing at the Fandemic Tour in Houston?

I’m a huge Marvel fan, so of course I’m looking forward to talking to Sebastian Stan, now that he can talk about Endgame! Milo Ventimiglia is always charming, and Tom Hooper and Emmy Raver-Lampman were amazing in The Umbrella Academy. It’s really hard to pick from such a great lineup!


Houston is known for our wonderful food scene. Is there anything you are looking forward to partaking in when you are in town?

I have to have some Tex-Mex and barbecue, right? People can tweet me food suggestions @clarekramer! 


You are a mom to four children. That’s quite a handful! What are their names and ages?

Gavin (a girl) 11, River (a girl, 9), Hart (a boy, 7) & Sky (a boy, 5). They are my world! Their grandparents are in Dallas so I’m hoping to bring at least some of my kids this year to the event. 


With your busy schedule, what are your favorite ways to unwind?

I love yoga, good wine and a good conversation. All the finer things in life! 

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october, 2020