Summer Camping Packing List

Whichever summer camp you choose for your child, you will invariably find a packing list on the camp’s website detailing items your child should and shouldn’t bring to camp. Here are a few things that may not be on the recommended packing list, but, in our experience, are worth packing.

Several pairs of cheap sunglasses  – they might make it back with one

Water shoes – especially if they will be swimming in a lake

Goggles – also especially important if swimming in a lake

Poncho – I always pack those cheap disposable ones you can get at Academy or Target

Hoodie or sweatshirt – even though it may be scorching hot outside, sometimes the cabins are freezing

Battery operated fan – …and sometimes the rooms are hot at night

Shower caddy – great for getting everything to and from the showers

Disposable camera – important for capturing those special camp memories

Athletic supporter – Your young man will be very active at summer camp and might want the extra support

Feminine products – I had a friend whose daughter started her period for the first time at summer camp and didn’t tell anyone. If your daughter is of age, it’s better to be safe than sorry.






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