I Am Houston Kids: Jordyn Wright, Kidpreneurs Take Center-Stage

written by Eshaan Mani, HFM Kid Ambassador

Visit Jordyn’s Site to purchase your goodies www.jbriellehmg.com

Jordyn Wright, a preteen from the Greater Houston area, had her first big idea when she was ten years old. Her skin is sensitive, and so her mother only bought her bland and unscented soaps. Jordyn wanted to be able to use colorful, fun and aromatic soaps and bath bombs, so she decided to create her own. Jordyn created a few products and distributed them to her friends, family, and church. Wright received positive feedback and so took her passion forward and built her business, J. Brielle Handmade Goods. With her father’s help, Jordyn created a website and logo (jbriellehmg.com).

When asked about her business, Jordyn explains, “I make bath bombs, soaps, lip balms, and more and they’re all-natural, phthalate, paraben, and sulfate-free. And, they’re all handmade.” Jordyn’s best-selling product is whipped soap, a sugar-based soap which “feels light and airy on the skin,” and her best-selling scent is “Fruit Slices,” which is fresh and, well, fruity!

Jordyn is a middle-schooler and has struck a balance between school life and taking care of her business. During the week, Jordyn’s focus is excelling in school. She makes soaps and handmade products over the weekends, and whenever she has to work with lye, a chemical to create her soaps, her mother helps her out. 

HFM Kid Ambassador Ehaan conducting his video interview with Jordyn.

Jordyn also recently discovered her love for poetry. She plans to publish a book of mother-daughter poems in the fall of 2020. “It’s going to be [based around] me asking questions in poem form, and my mom answering me in poems…My mom and I were trying to decide what kind of book to do. The other option was going to be a book for teen girls. But, we decided to pick our first option – the book of poems.” Jordyn said.

Jordyn enjoys art and hopes to expand her business into the realm of prints. She has a set of designs that are scheduled to release on Mother’s Day (May 10, 2020), and Jordyn hopes that she can sell mugs, backpacks, clothes, patches, pins, and stamps with her designs. Over the summer, Jordyn will be holding a class to educate children how to make soaps and teaching them the chemistry behind it. 

Jordyn has also formed the Dream Big Kidpreneur Book Club, a club for young entrepreneurs who enjoy reading. The club, sponsored by tech-giant Microsoft, meets once per month and has a guest kidpreneur who talks about their journey.  “We’re holding workshops to help the kids build their business by starting with an idea. They’re going to learn how to brainstorm, plan, and market their business. Then, we’re going to take them through the process so they can pitch their ideas in April in front of a panel of judges.” 

Jordyn hard at work making bath and body products for her online store.

On April 25, 2020, (follow social media for change in event status) at the Holiday Inn Express in Missouri City, the Kidpreneur Book Club is hosting a pitch contest, where kids who have a prototype, business idea, or working business can pitch them to a panel of judges and win a monetary prize to help start or grow their business. The pitch contest is open to the public, with a $10 entry fee, and there will also be vendors. The vendor fee at the pitch contest is $20. 

 When Jordyn is not at school, at her Book Club, or managing her business, she is reading, playing with her brothers, drawing, swimming, and/or jumping on her trampoline. I enjoyed speaking with Jordyn and encourage all kids with big ideas to apply to her pitch contest. 

Visit www.jbriellehmg.com/dream-big for more information about the pitch contest.

Be sure to follow Jordyn on Social Media for updated information on the event!

Facebook: @jbriellehmg
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Online: swww.jbriellehmg.com
E-Mail: jbriellehmg@gmail.com

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