Light reflections California Dreaming


Light reflections in, California Dreaming, written in January 2020. Would you have guessed that 6 months later we are all living in a new way? Daily life is quarantines, riots and fear of the unknown.

For me, reflecting back on this beautiful trip brings me a new sense of hope and inspiration. Life in its very simplicity is good. And, I believe goodness and light are contagious too. As I see it there are two vibrations; 1. Light 2. The absence of light. Every day, and every moment we all get the opportunity to be truly alive.. Hold onto the light, continue to reach for it and trust.

On a recent trip to California, to celebrate the girls’ birthday, unexpected experiences appear. Allie is finishing up a two-year program studying depth psychology. Sarah and I join her at the end of one of her sessions to take a few days of R&R, and start 2020 in a fresh and inspiring way.

Over a glass of champagne, the three of us make a rough plan of what our three days in California will hold. We all agree — time together, in nature, along with good food and wine are the top of our list.

Seal Sanctuary Village

The hiking guide book piques our interest — a hike along the coast line with a viewing spot of the seal sanctuary. The next morning we walk along the path to the coast greeted by a promenade of giant eucalyptus trees, who seem to welcome us in. The trail turns soft and sandy as we head towards the coast line. Winding along the foot path of succulents we reach the cliff line, the path turns and we look down to the beach. What we see next honestly, takes my breath away. A colony (or what seems like a small village) of mama and baby seals basking in the sun and playing in the water. A world in its own, and us the silent observers.

Morning at the Temple

The next day, Allie takes us to one of her favorite spots. Tucked into the hills behind her campus is a temple where she would often hike up to during a session break. As she talks a lot about this place,  Sarah and I are excited to finally be there too. As we get out of the car and walk up the path I begin to feel a sense of peace and calm wash over me. I ask the girls if they feel it too. Allie says, “Yes, I feel happy and content.” Sarah says, “I feel peaceful and quiet.”

We sit on the entrance stairway basking in the sun of this modest temple, taking in the flowers and brilliantly alive plants bursting with color, they feel almost electric. As we sit quietly, it feels as if we are acclimatizing to the atmosphere — the sacred space — and being welcomed in.

After settling into this ‘feeling’ we enter into the simple and elegantly designed temple — the structure engulfs quiet stillness held through years of meditation, which seems to wrap around us like a warm blanket. A place like this makes slipping into meditation an easy and welcome feeling. This Vedanta temple holds representation of many religions — Buddhism and Catholicism. We feel at home. We walk back out into the sunshine and take in the expansive Pacific Ocean view, and linger around the grounds a little longer. It is hard to put feelings into words, but the best I can sum it up is ‘a deep, peaceful contentment feeling of no-lack, to want for nothing’. The weekend held many special moments, but this one is one I want to recall.

Afternoon at the beach

The power of nature can be un-nerving and especially, the force of the sea. In the afternoon we picnic, lounge, and walk the beach. Afterwards, I notice feeling overwhelmed by the magnetic pull of a force much greater than me. As we eat, relax, walk barefoot and search for stones — the afternoon turns to dusk and we lose track of time (and everyone else on the beach too). The sound, scent, feeling, compartmentalizes us into our own salty sacred private world.

Dinner at the Inn

A special birthday dinner celebration finishes the day. As we drink wine and enjoy a beautifully presented dinner, we take it all in — the flowers, the candles, the presentation of a well-thought out table setting. Sitting outside under a full moon and twinkle lights, gratitude is a strong running under current among us.

Shared Experience

I share this personal California experience, as yours too. Every day, and every moment we all get the opportunity to be truly alive. Whether it is being inspired by a new place. or something we read. Our own stillness, the morning sunshine, or our daily food that nourishes us, life is good. Everything is alright. It is a matter of trust. All is well, and just as it should be.]

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