Supermom Elizabeth


Meet Supermom, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, 38, Stay-at-home mom, artist

Supermom to Gabriel (9), Daniel (6), Vivian (3), Evelyn (1.5)

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Give yourself a Supermom name! Stretch Arm Mom because I’m always stretched so thin!

Tell us about your family, pets included. 

My husband, Brandon, and I have been married 11 years. Brandon is a stern, kind man and I am more of a free-spirit so we balance each other well. Gabriel, our oldest (my heart), loves learning about wild life and wilderness survival. He also trains in the art of Muay Thai and will complete for the TBA-Junior Light Welter World Champion in June. My twin, Daniel, is full of creativity; he is my soul. He is always entertaining us with cosplay and will not break character and if he doesn’t have the costume…we make it. He, like his brother, is a dedicated Muay Thai boxer and is nicknamed, Mr. Giggles and is in his second season of t-ball. 

Vivian is my dream come true, her existence has given me new found understanding, appreciation and love for my own mother. She loves lip-singing. She and I do one-act plays often. She is a feisty, tiny firecracker like her great-grandmother. Evelyn is my angel baby. My mother, Sherry, passed suddenly in March 2019, and I decided that my family was complete because she was able to know all of her grandchildren. However, in true Sherry-fashion, my mother heaven-picked this special person to truly complete our family; her name is Evelyn Sherry. 

We also have two bearded dragons, Action and Godzilla.

A day in the life of a mom is never the same but what is a “close to typical” day like for you?

A typical day for me begins around 5:45 with trying to figure out what room I am waking in and whose feet are in my face and back. Brandon is the first to head off to school (Special Education teacher and high school coach). Then I get the boys fed, ready and off to school. 

The girls are then up (diapers and potty time) and ready to eat. Weather permitting the girls go outside to play and I clean up the kitchen and sweep the floors for the first time of the day. After fighting to get them back in, there is usually a bubble bath and I watch them while folding whatever clothes I find in the dryer. 

After lunch I try and usually fail putting them down for a nap because they feed off each other’s energy. So instead, we watch shows and have messy creative time. They usually pass out an hour before the boys get home. For that hour I am usually cleaning like a madman but on the occasion that I got chores done earlier…I get to go into my studio (aka 1/4 of the garage) and work on project – lots of trash-to-treasure finds and some commission work. The boys arrive home, try to eat everything. We go through backpacks and then they get dressed for practice. When Dad is not in Football or track season, he makes it home in time to take the boys to practice. In season, I load all the kids up and we travel to Texas Muay Thai and Boxing Academy in Alvin for two hours of practice. When we finally make it home, the boys shower and I prepare dinner. We have been fortunate to all be home at dinnertime and enjoy that meal together. The kids are in bed by 9 and I try to finish whatever chores are bugging me before bed, like sweeping for the 10th time. Throughout the night someone needs something or just mom…then the next day begins.

Share some of your goals – personal or professional. 

My personal goals would be to finish my home projects; we bought a fixer-upper and I do most of the labor. I would also like to be in position to spend more quality time with my older two children; they are growing up quickly. My professional goal would be to develop more workspace in the garage and calm my anxiety when it comes to commission work.

How long have you lived in Houston?

I have lived in and around Houston most my life. Humble, Tarkington, Cleveland, Cy-Fair, Clear Lake, and currently Pearland.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family in Houston?

We love the Zoo, Moody Gardens, Mercer Botanical Gardens, the Children’s Museum and any fishing spot.

What’s special about Houston when it comes to raising children?

I consider the best part of raising my children here, in the Houston area, the diversity. I grew up in a small town that lacked diversity. I am so proud to be raising my children among people who come from different cultures, backgrounds, professions, and views. I want my children to grow and learn in every way possible. Diversity is a necessity. Houston is so very special when it comes to blending cultures and celebrating differences.

Besides your family, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about art, the transformation of nothing into something or breathing life back into pieces of furniture I found in the trash. I enjoy painting and have plans with some other awesome moms to teach our kids art lessons throughout the summer. I also have great passion for home improvement. As a child, I was always staging my Barbie homes and now that I am an adult, I am able to do it in full-scale.

How do you relax when you’re off mommy duty? 

Being a stay-at-home mom, I am never off of mommy-duty. However, on the rare occasion, I like sleep, take long baths, read a good book or watching shows that are not kid shows.

What is your favorite part of motherhood?

My favorite part of motherhood is watching my children grow and develop into themselves. I want them to be themselves and love and be loved. I want them to be kind and stand up for themselves and others. The hugs, the snuggles, the excitement to share everything with me…my favorite part is being with them all the time.

What is your Supermom superpower? 

I have breastfed all of my children for two years each. The bond it has created is strong with each child because there were hours and hours of eye contact that only I can provide for them. It has been wonderful for the most part although teething while breastfeeding is always a little rough!

What’s your motherhood kryptonite? 

The chores that are rotating and never done! I don’t get the satisfactory feeling of accomplishment or at least it doesn’t last long. When I do my commission/art projects, the completion is so satisfying. 

What’s your least favorite household chore? 

Laundry but specifically SOCKS! I absolutely hate them and I find them everywhere but never a match. Clean ones, crusty ones, holey ones, but never the same.

How has motherhood surprised you? 

I was prepared for all of the joys of motherhood, not the worry, anxiety, and bittersweet feeling of them growing up because time can’t stop and only goes faster with more children and activities as they grow older. I love the present but I know it’s always changing and I just want to freeze time.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best piece of advice was from my mother, “Enjoy all the time you can with them (the kids) because they grow up fast.” It can be so difficult at times because I can be stretched so then. However, the rotating chores can wait to spend a beautiful afternoon with my children.

What’s your guilty pleasures?

Watching a few tv shows that nobody in the house likes but me. And dark chocolate.

What is the messiest room in your house?

My bedroom closet! I hardly ever make it back there long enough to organize.

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your story with us. You inspire us to keep doing what we do! You truly are a Supermom.

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