Teen Driver Technology with the 2018 Chevy Traverse

If you’ve not yet suffered the stress of parenting teenage drivers, get ready. My third teenager gets her license in August, if the practicing doesn’t ruin us first. There’s no bigger battle than their “know-it-all” attitude behind the wheel versus our lofty parental expertise.

So, when I got the call to put a 2018 Chevrolet SUV to the test, I couldn’t volunteer fast enough. And when my teenage daughter said, “NOT the one that tracks teen drivers, please,” I dragged her along to the demonstration. Seeing her eyes roll and mouth gasp as she sat in the driver’s seat was priceless.

Turns out Chevy’s been perfecting the Teen Driver feature for several years, and it provides a digital report card for teens or ANY driver who might need monitoring. It’s available in 10 new Chevy models at various price points. The key fob is initialized, and the data recorded. Nothing to argue over. Just the facts from your car’s computer. (see below)

Other fun features while in Teen Driver mode include the car automatically muting the audio system until seat belts are buckled; preventing speakers from blowing out (yes, this happened in our family car) by setting a maximum volume limit; and automatically turning on vehicle safety features such as Stability Control, Front/Rear Park Assist, Side Blind Zone Alert, Forward Collision Alert, etc.

We both drove the Chevy SUV in Teen Driver mode for a week, and funny enough, I earned more “tailgating” infractions than my teen. The light alerts and buzz warnings in the seat (yes, the seat actually vibrates) were immediate lessons in real-time from a non-biased, smarty-pants car.  And we both conceded we can do better when it comes to safety.  Thank you Chevy- from both of us.


Teen Driver Report Card

  • Distance driven
  • Maximum speed reached
  • Overspeed warning
  • Stability control and traction control events
  • Antilock brake events
  • Forward Collision Alerts (if equipped)
  • Forward Collision Avoidance Braking events 
  • Tailgating alerts
  • Wide-open throttle events

For more details visit www.chevrolet.com/teen-driver-technology

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