The Nexcare Stunt Sitter’s Guide to Raising Resilient Kids

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These are tips for parents on raising resilient kids from Jessie Graff – stuntwoman and star of American Ninja Warrior.

As you likely know, research has shown that letting kids build mental toughness through reasonable risks is important to long-term success and happiness. That’s why, this summer Jessie teamed up with Nexcare to act as their “Stunt Sitter” and share tips to help overprotective parents let go of their fears and raise resilient kids.

The Nexcare Stunt Sitter’s Guide to Raising Resilient Kids
Teach Them How to Fall: When kids know how to fall safely, they have the freedom and confidence to try almost anything.

Every Fall Is a Lesson: After a fall, your first instinct as a parent is to run over and coddle your kids. Instead, congratulate them on the risk they took and work on building their mental and physical toughness by reminding them everyone falls and persistence makes them heroic.

Train to Treat a Scratch: Instead of “fixing boo boos,” use every scrape as a lesson on caring for broken skin. Nexcare™ Waterproof bandages have great staying power and provide a four-sided seal, protecting against water, dirt and germs.

Teach Risk Evaluation: Help instill and build the skill of risk evaluation in your kids. Then, you’ll trust them—and they’ll trust themselves—to make decisions on their own.

Building Confidence—For Both of You: It takes time for kids to be daring on their own, but building trust and confidence in them can be done through practice. Start with small risks, then slowly build in fun, new challenges. This allows them to master risks with you by their side. Then, trusting them to handle it on their own becomes a natural next step.

You can find more information about the “Tough Love” campaign here and see video versions of Jessie’s tips here.

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