Family holiday destinations in America

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Ideal places for family holidays in America

Florida and California, with their unforgettable Disney parks, have long been the constant
leaders. But if you prefer a quieter getaway, consider vibrant towns like Gatlinburg,
Tennessee, or Branson, Missouri. Outdoor enthusiasts can choose to hike in Yellowstone or
the Smoky Mountains. We have also prepared for you several little-known but very attractive

1. San Diego, California
In this city, they don’t know what bored children are. Like any good Pixar film, the kid-friendly
activities will keep adults interested, too. Not far from the city center, there are famous
beaches and amusement parks.

2. Yellowstone, Wyoming
This national park is amazing with its canyons, mountains, forests, and geysers. There are
also plenty of representatives of the animal world here. The park also has trekking paths and
wooden paths for strollers.

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona
Known for its deepest gorges, this natural site will attract the attention of curious children.
You can explore it on foot or by bike or reach the bottom on a mule.

4. Los Angeles and Anaheim, California
This itinerary is filled with everything there is to see and experience, starting in Santa Monica
and continuing through endless attractions.

5. Tucson, Arizona
One of the best places for a family holiday is the Tanque Verde guest farm, where you can
enjoy all the delights of a holiday in nature and learn horse riding.

6. Orlando, Florida
The Disney World complex is truly magical. Here, you can visit four theme parks, two water
parks, several golf courses, and 36 hotels.

7. Oahu, Hawaii
There is no better place to learn to surf than on the long waves of Waikiki Beach – on this

8. Yosemite, California
Known for its valleys, granite cliffs, waterfalls and rich wildlife, this national park will not leave
anyone indifferent.

9. Destin, Florida
It is famous for its fishing spots and luxurious sandy beaches for the perfect family fun in the

10. Branson, Missouri
This city offers family fun without the crowds and high prices. Here you can enjoy classic
family fun outdoor activities, hiking and biking in the state park or Lake Teinecomo.

11. Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, this town is ideal for a family vacation.
After exploring the national park, you can take a ride on the aerial cable car or visit Ripley’s
Aquarium with a variety of marine life.

For a family holiday, especially with children, it is better to choose quiet places, national
parks, and other scenic routes. Of course, many adults would love to go to Las Vegas, but
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devote your free time and holidays to relaxing with loved ones in a calm atmosphere.

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