How does gambling addiction affect the family

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How does gambling addiction affect the family members of a gambler?

Recently, a criminal case was opened against a former principal of a school accused of
stealing about 100 thousand dollars. He needed this money to support his gambling
addiction. Last week, the court handed down a suspended sentence. The judge, however,
that this is a serious problem that has a devastating effect not only on the player but also on
those around him.

The court heard the case of 43-year-old Stephen, who worked at the school. His fascination
with gambling led him down a blind alley one day. It all started with land-based casinos, but
when he was no longer allowed there, the gambler started playing casinos that accept
canadian dollars, even without looking at another currency. Eventually, as a result of his
gambling addiction, he lost everything. In doing so, his family ties were severely affected.

Unfortunately, this tragedy is far from a unique case. According to the expert of a well-known
publication in The Journal, this is the “hidden side” of addiction.

Researchers at the University of Dublin, a few years ago, published a study on the social
consequences of going to gambling establishments. They noted that there is another side to
addiction – the families that end up being victims of the problem.

Researchers emphasize that there are specialized services in Houston that provide support
to family members who have faced such a problem.

“My colleagues and I believe that when a person faces any kind of addiction, whether it is
alcohol, drugs, or gambling, family members will face their own journey to recovery,
regardless of the circumstances,” says the expert.

Any form of addiction has a devastating impact on all family members. A recent study
published that families are often left out of the recovery process, leaving them to face the
“shock” of addiction alone.

Families need to be involved in organizing a consistent recovery process. At the end of the
day, they still have to learn to cope with stress, anxiety, and trauma, so it’s important that
they try to learn how to cope.

According to the findings, trust within the family disappeared in almost all cases. And even
after recovery and quite a bit of success during the rehabilitation period.

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