Visit Vegas this summer


Experience the warm weather and casual attire as you attend entertaining shows and
activities this June in Las Vegas.

Weather, What to Wear, Things to Do

Many people wonder what the weather is like during the summer. Well, you must
remember that June 21 st is the beginning of summertime, which means hotter
temperatures and drier conditions in the Nevada desert. So if you plan to walk a lot
outdoors, you may have to prepare yourself for a hot and dry experience.

The average daily low temperatures are between 70°F and 78°F, while the high
temperatures are between 94°F and 103°F. Therefore, you should pack your suitcase
with summer-appropriate clothes and accessories to wear and apply. These items may
include a bathing suit, shorts, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, sweat pants, and suntan lotion.
Most Las Vegas shows and attractions don’t have strict dress codes, so you don’t have
to feel compelled to overdress for any event. The whole idea is to remain comfortable
as you move around and experience the exciting activities in Las Vegas. So, feel free to
dress comfortably and have fun during a hot June in Las Vegas.

Do you want to know the best experiences for tourists in Las Vegas in June? Below are
the top six things to get you started.

Below are the top five things to do in Las Vegas in June.

1) Magic Shows

Magic shows are the true highlights of Las Vegas. We’re not talking about performers
pulling bunnies out of hats or simple tricks like that. Instead, we’re talking about
professional magic shows with world-class magicians offering illusions and magic tricks
you’ve probably never seen before.

Numerous shows in Las Vegas have some degree of magic, illusion, hypnosis, or mind-
reading for the audience to witness. If you were ever a skeptic of magic before, you
might never be a skeptic again because you’ll be left in your seat wondering how these
magicians did what they did on stage.

Some of the best magic shows in Las Vegas this summer include Banachek’s Mind Games,
Criss Angel Mindfreak, David Copperfield, House of Magic, Hypnosis Unleashed, Late
Night Magic, Mike Hammer Comedy Magic, and countless other shows.

2) The Fremont Street Experience

Fremont street vegas

Would you mind exploring Las Vegas on foot in the summer? The Fremont Street Experience
is an exciting walking tour through the most historical street of Downtown Old Las
Vegas. Fremont Street features classic Vegas architecture, bright neon signs, original
shows, street performers, and free music concerts from random nightly bands.

The beautiful summer weather makes spending time outdoors on Fremont Street even
more pleasant. The best sights and attractions on the Fremont Street Experience include the SlotZilla
Zipline, Viva Vision Light Shows, Hugo’s Cellar, Andiamo Italian Steakhouse, Neon
Museum, and the Mob Museum.

3) Attend a Standup Comedy Show

Las Vegas has several standup comedy shows performed every day and night of the
week. One great way to cool off and have fun in summer is to visit a comedy club or show
in an air-conditioned theater in the city.

The most famous standup comedians have regular shows at theaters in Las Vegas
hotels. The best examples include Carrot Top, Bill Maher, Jerry Seinfeld, Daniel Tosh,
George Lopez, and Jon White. Each standup comedian is unique in their performance
style and the topics they like to joke about and discuss.

In addition, you can visit any of the Las Vegas comedy clubs to see a random roster of
comedians perform on stage, some known and others new. The best Las Vegas
comedy clubs include Jokester Comedy Club, Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club, L.A.
Comedy Club, Aces of Comedy Club, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, Delirious Comedy
Club, Las Vegas Live Comedy Club, and Laugh Factory Comedy Club.

Learn more information regarding the various comedy clubs and standup comedy
shows performing in Las Vegas this June by this link. You may even be lucky to find
exclusive discount opportunities and promo codes to save money on the show ticket

4) Helicopter Tours

helicopter vegas

Helicopter tours are popular in Las Vegas. You can find helicopter tour companies that
will take you on short trips over the Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street, and even further
out to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Some tour guides will even land the
helicopter in the Grand Canyon and let you explore it on foot before returning to the city.

Helicopter tours require stable weather conditions without heavy wind or rain. Since
summer often has calm and pleasant weather conditions in Las Vegas, you can expect
many more helicopter tours to be available.

5) Resorts World Las Vegas Pool

The Resorts World Las Vegas Pool is one of the newer pool resorts to open.

In case you didn’t know, the Resorts World Hotel was the first new hotel
constructed on the Las Vegas Strip in over ten years. Not only that, but it was
constructed with the largest pool deck in Las Vegas as well.

The entire swimming pool area is about 5.5 acres in size. It features approximately
seven swimming pools of various shapes and sizes. The décor of the pool environment
features red cabanas, white Baja chairs, yellow pool loungers, oversized sculptures,
and more. The pool is a great way to relax and cool off outside in the warmer June


Las Vegas is a fun place to visit all year round. However, summer is an excellent time to
visit Las Vegas because of the warm weather, casual attire, fewer tourists, and easy
access to high-end reservations for the best shows and activities in the city.

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