Mompower Mantras: Positive Self-Talk for Moms

by Christina Katz


In case of an emergency landing on a plane, we are instructed to put on our air masks first, before assisting our children. We hear this advice so often; it eventually becomes like a mantra we repeat to ourselves upon boarding an aircraft.

But how often, in the midst of hectic times in our lives, do we jettison all the healthy instructions we know we should be repeating to ourselves?

Try these mompower mantras to help you remember the words that can restore order and sanity to your life no matter what you are facing today.

Commit these phrases to memory. Write them down. Share them with another mom. Let these “notes-to-self” remind you to take care of yourself!


I Am Allowed To Say “No.”

If you feel harried and hectic, running from one family activity to the next, you may have forgotten how to bow out gracefully. All you likely need is a little practice in the “no thank you” department.

Repeat: Sometimes I say, ‘yes,’ but it’s also ok to say, ‘no.’


My Health & Energy Matter.

If you are not feeling your best, don’t ignore any symptoms, no matter how insignificant you think they are. It’s a good time to check in with a health care professional. Perhaps you carry invisible hurts from the past, you owe it to yourself and others to seek healing support.

Repeat: I take care of health concerns in a timely manner.


I Am Not Perfect.

Are you putting yourself under too much pressure, or believe that others are holding you up to impossibly high standards? This could lead to self-doubt. Make a mistake? Forgive yourself! A penchant for self-recrimination will hurt you in the long run.

Repeat: I am human; therefore, I make mistakes.


Home Is Sacred.

Create a home where everyone feels welcome and appreciated, and safe. You don’t have to do this alone; every family member can contribute something to achieve this goal.

Repeat: There is nowhere as precious as home.


Acceptance Is Sanity.

Practice accepting situations and others as they are. You can’t control others and situations. The world will keep spinning without our expert micro-managing. Today, just tackle what’s already on your plate.

Repeat: I am only responsible for what I choose to take on.


I Keep In Touch With My Needs.

If you can’t remember the last time you did anything for yourself; then it’s time. Making time for yourself is not selfish; it’s necessary.

Repeat: I make regular time for myself.


My Voice Counts.

We convince ourselves that our opinion does not matter even before a word is spoken. Sometimes, speaking up is a risk worth taking.

Repeat: My opinion deserves to be expressed and considered.


My Example Inspires.

You matter, and are setting an example every day. Sacrificing self is not a requirement; it’s an unhealthy habit that needs to be broken. If you relentlessly practice self-sacrifice, then that’s the legacy you pass along.

Repeat: I strive to be a person I would admire.


Tomorrow Is Going To Be Great.

Things never stay the same. It’s important to expect life to be an ongoing adventure in growth and change. Learn to accept whatever the next day brings.

Repeat: I look forward to every day of the future.


I Appreciate This Moment.

Embrace today and enjoy the moment. Find something to appreciate right here, right now, and share that joy with whoever is right in front of you.

Repeat: I surrender to the joy of this moment.

Author, journalist, and writing coach Christina Katz tries to remember to slow down and smell the roses in her own yard, but she can always use another reminder.

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