Teeth Brushing 101 To Avoid Gum Disease

Teeth Brushing 101 to avoid Gum Disease. Teaching effective oral hygiene should begin at an early age and that includes creating proper brushing habits. Start your kiddos off on the path to healthy teeth with these tips.

The most effective way to teach proper technique is to lead by example. During the formative years, Parents and kids need to brush together in front of the mirror. Kids want to please their parents and love literally mirroring them therefore, Parents should use this to their advantage. However, it helps if the parents are brushing correctly too.


The Mouth Really is the gateway to the body

An estimated 70% of Americans are suffering with gum disease right now. The most common form of gum disease, gingivitis, is caused largely in part to how the toothbrush is used, specifically the angle of the bristles relative to the tooth and the stroke used. What does this mean – gum disease can easily be prevented by brushing at a 45˚ angle, the preferred method according to the ADA. This allows the toothbrush bristles to reach into and below the gum line where bacteria proliferate.

Gum disease is preventable with the right technique; and I set out to design a toothbrush to teach this super effective technique and more importantly what that FEELS like.

The MD Brush enables you to think and brush like a dentist from the comfort of your home. Its multi patented design reminds you to pay attention to angles and position every time you use it. Each component of the md brush, its bristles, grip, and visual indicators, was designed to place you at the correct 45° angle to ensure you brush below the gumline, where gum disease starts. Furthermore, continued use of the md brush alters the muscle memory associated with brushing so you can permanently break the cycle of ineffective plaque removal.


This is how Dental Professionals brush to avoid gum disease

Moms, dads, and children agree, while it takes a few days to break the pattern, once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back to the old way of brushing. MD Brush helps you achieve fresher breath, stronger teeth, and healthier gums which all lead to a healthier you.

We are excited to announce our new line of Grïppi toothbrushes, powered by MD Brush technology. The slightly smaller Grïppi line is aimed at equipping adults and children alike with a ‘lifestyle brush’ that encourages a more effective technique, providing a twice-daily upgrade to their overall health. You can purchase your own Grïppi brush at getgrippi.com. The original MD Brush can be purchased at mdbrush.com.


We don’t need better batteries, we just need better technique

Correct brushing is the start to a healthier you and here are 5 critical tips to having a healthy, happy mouth & blood stream!!

  • Learn to brush using the ADA recommended 45-degree method
  • Floss…more than once a month!
  • Visit your dentist for annual checkups and cleanings
  • Healthy diet
  • Moderation of alcohol and fatty foods

Set a good example for your children by brushing healthy and help them learn to love to brush! They will thank you for it…eventually!

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