Lemonade Day 2021

lemonade day 2021

Lemonade Day 2021 is coming July 17th

lemonade day 2021
HFM Kid Ambassadors, Sophia & Michael discuss strategy for their lemonade stand

Kids in the greater Houston area will get a taste of sweet success when they participate in Lemonade Day 2021. Adults 18 and older can register kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends, and neighbors for this free youth entrepreneurship development program that equips them to become small business owners – one lemonade stand at a time!

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Sugar Land Mayor Joe Zimmerman and other mayors in the metropolitan Houston area have proclaimed Saturday, July 17, as Lemonade Day. On this day, lemonade stands of all types will be staffed by eager young people who will welcome their customers with bright smiles and ambitious goals!  Supporters will sample a wide variety of lemonade recipes served in small, medium, and large options and priced to make a profit! Technology-savvy kiddos will be prepared to accept electronic payments. Other young entrepreneurs will be accepting cash only.

(Helpful hint: stash one-dollar bills in your wallet, purse or backpack on July 17 and be ready to check out what thousands of young lemonade business owners are offering!)

Life lessons

Lemonade Day leaders encourage kids to spend some, save some and share some of the money they earn with a cause that matters to them – after they pay back their investors (who, by the way, are typically their parents!).

Lemonade Day was founded in Houston by serial entrepreneur Michael Holthouse and his wife Lisa. Since then, Lemonade Day has expanded to more than 84 communities and six military bases.

Lemonade Day teaches the basics of entrepreneurial learning: Business Skills, Financial Literacy, Teamwork, Social & Emotional Skills, Goal Setting, and Responsibility. Mentors guide participants through the youth entrepreneurship lessons via the My Lemonade Day app or with workbooks and take participants through the journey of planning, launching, and operating a business. The valuable lessons of Lemonade Day include setting a goal, making a plan, working the plan, and achieving their dreams. Lemonade Day participants keep the money they earn after paying back their investors and are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some of their profit with a cause that matters to them.


Bailey Kinney joined the Lemonade Day  in April as Executive Director for Houston. Her goal is to register more than 3,500 local kids to participate this year. Kinney, who is a fourth generation Texan, brings almost 25 years of non-profit, entrepreneurship, and community engagement experience to her Lemonade Day Houston Executive Director role.

Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

Sabrina Roesler, who is nine years old and resides with her family in Sugar Land, is the 2020 Lemonade Day Youth Entrepreneur of the Year.  By selling lemonade, Sabrina is raising funds for brain cancer research and treatment. Her dad died of brain cancer when she was only 6.

Sabrina and her mother Jenny Roesler are helping to recruit 2021 Lemonade Day participants.  Sabrina has been interviewed on several TV programs, on radio, and for newspapers, magazines, and blogs. She has also been a special guest at Sugar Land City Council  meetings twice this year!

For more information and to register for Lemonade Day, please visit www.lemonadeday.org/houston or email Bailey@lemonadeday.org


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