A Passion for Fashion

By Houston Family Magazine Ambassador Corey’L Sams

For me, fashion is like a language. It allows me to express myself and allows others to express themselves. Growing up watching ABC’s Shark Tank was a flame to the fire for my love for fashion. One of the judges for Shark Tank, Daymond John, inspires me because of how he was able to start off with one clothing business, “FUBU”, and was able to expand and branch off to other businesses and industries. His dedication, hard work, and success inspire me to be great and to not just chase my dreams but do my best to accomplish them. This past summer I took my very first steps aiming toward my dream of fashion success. 

As a typical teen, I like to keep up with most of the trends especially when it comes to fashion. But sometimes trying to do that can be very expensive. (As I’ve gotten older, I sometimes pay for the clothes, not just my parents). My dad told me, “If you want to buy all these designer clothes… you need to go thrifting”. My first thought was: 1. Why would anyone sell their nice clothes to a thrift store, and 2. Why would I want to buy used clothes when I can just go to the mall or something. Though these thoughts were going through my brain, I was still open to the idea of going thrifting. I went thrifting with my mom and a friend, and then I was able to find some pretty cool stuff for pretty low prices! My dad, knowing about my love for fashion, told me I should take some photos in some of my thrift finds, and I did. He gave me the idea of thrifting around the Houston area and taking pictures in my thrift finds. I decided to make my own Instagram account, “the_thrifting_teen” where I did just that. My first Instagram post was on June 26, 2018, and within less than a month, my go-to thrift store Willowbrook Plato’s Closet saw my posts, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to be their brand ambassador and I gladly accepted the offer. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to show others my love for fashion and show that you can save money by going thrifting, and still look like a million bucks! 

I hope that my story can show others that you can do great things one step at a time. 

Being a kid ambassador for Houston Family Magazine has helped me progress in my personal role with not only fashion and modeling, but many other things such as interviewing! The chance that Houston Family Magazine has given me to meet and speak with people that have been in and are in the fashion industry is truly a blessing. 

Since my passion is fashion, my favorite event with HFM so far was going to The Village School fashion show “Pixelated.” The dresses were made and designed by the students, so creativity was a major key in the fashion show because the materials used for the dresses were supposed to be material and objects you usually wouldn’t use for a dress. Some of the materials I saw used were paper, paint brushes, coffee filters, magazines, and even candy boxes! After the show, I had the great opportunity to meet, interview, and take pictures with one of the judges, fashion designer, Danny Nguyen and I was able to talk with artist Natalie Irish.

Editor’s Note:  Stay tuned for Corey’L’s interview with artist Natalie Irish.

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