Advice from local mom, Jentry Kelley

Advice from busy local mom, Jentry Kelley. Wife, mother & entrepreneur, she’s got a lot to juggle each and every day. See how she gets it done!


Name: Jentry Kelley

About me: Owner of Jentry Kelley Cosmetics

Photo: Featured: Jentry Kelley and Family 


What piece of advice would you give moms with kids ages 0-3? 

Be in the moment with your baby and family. I find myself getting lost in work and missing out on some of the things I will never get back. Work can wait, it will be there tomorrow. Easier said than done, and I have my own work to do on this. Even I need improvement.

What were your top 3 favorite baby products? 

I’m obsessed with my BLOOM highchair. We have a contemporary house, as I don’t feel like I have a piece of crappy plastic that looks like it doesn’t belong. It’s customizable and matches our other furniture in kitchen. I have the fresco/lunar silver color combo.

His favorite toy was a gift from my friend and it’s a pretend remote. It’s always the first toy he grabs for and it talks to him like he’s watching the weather channel or the animal planet.

My favorite product for him, and the best part about bath time, is this Shea butter moisturizer with argan oil.

What was the hardest part of your pregnancy? The easiest?

Ha! The hardest part of my pregnancy? All of it! The whole freaking thing was terrible which is why I’m never gonna have another one! Surrogacy is the way to go! Now I know what Kim K was thinking. From severe acid reflex, to gestational diabetes, to placenta previa, and preeclampsia, I was miserable every single day. Not one good thing about it for me.

What was the hardest part about the 0-3 stage of motherhood? 

Breast-feeding. When people say it’s hard, I had no clue what they meant. Nobody explain in detail what that meant. I had three friends in from Louisiana helping me after my C-section, and it still wasn’t enough help! How can it take five grown adults to take care of one baby? I still don’t know. Lol. Even though I had help and we were taking shifts I still couldn’t get any sleep because I was having to wake up every 3 to 4 hours to breast-feed/pump. I’m not one to miss my sleep. That was hard.

What did you crave the most while being pregnant? 

No cravings! I was nauseous every single day that I was pregnant.

What piece of advice did you hear all the time that turned out not to be true? 

I was told by so many people on social media that my severe acid reflex was caused by a hormone that was producing hair on my baby boy. And do you know he came out with like one tiny little hair on his head! Barely peach fuzz! That old wives tale is false!

Where did you deliver?  

The Women’s Hospital of Texas

What local places are your faves to take care of yourself, spend family time or just enjoy time with the hubby? 

To be honest, I don’t take enough time to do things just for me. But Sean and I love to go out to eat! We actually went to brasserie the other day and took the baby and it was so pretty we sat outside and he was so well behaved! I think taking him out to restaurants at such a young age is conditioning him for good behavior in public around other people.

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