Advice from local mom, Marianna Corcoran

Advice from busy local mom, Marianna Corcoran. As a busy magazine exec, Marianna doesn’t have a lot of down time. Yet, she still finds time in her day to balance the needs of herself and her family. Sneak a peek at her secrets!   Name: Marianna Corcoran About me: Associate Publisher, Houstonia Magazine Photo: Featured: Marianna Corcoran and family

What piece of advice would you give moms with kids ages 0-3?

You are not alone!! Being a mom, especially a new mom, is the most rewarding, challenging and overwhelming journey I’ve embarked on. The more I shared with other moms, which included friends, but also strangers I met at the grocery store or on walks in the park, the more I realized that advice and support is all around me. It brought me comfort to learn that so many other women have had similar experiences or feelings or questions that I had. I’m part of a mom’s group now that keeps growing in numbers. We get together for dinner bi-monthly and it’s so fun to talk about our kids, our personal and professional lives, and our challenges and successes. I highly recommend forming your own network of moms if you can, and getting together without the babies. It’s a wonderful escape!

What were your top 3 favorite baby products?

To name just 3 is a challenge! The Magic Merlin Sleepsuit. a baby walker. a bathtub seat

What was the hardest part of your pregnancy? The easiest?

I honestly didn’t have a very difficult pregnancy, and our baby was born 6 weeks prematurely, so I never got into the super-uncomfortable-back-aching-get-this-thing-out-of-me phase. Pregnancy to me was more like a state of being…it just was. I’m not the person that “loves” being pregnant, but I didn’t hate it either! I will say, it was fun to indulge a little more than I normally allow myself when it comes to eating. I absolutely love Nutella and I never bought it to keep at home until I was a pregnant lady!

What was the hardest part about the  0-3 stage of motherhood? What’s not the hardest thing!?

As a first-time-mother, you literally have no idea what you’re doing. You can read all the books (I was reading the classic, What to Expect When You’re Expecting along the way), but nothing truly prepares you for the real thing. I had a lot of trouble getting comfortable with nursing. We had a lactation consultant come to me once at the hospital, and then another one come to my house. I had to use nipple shields for the first month or two because my son had a weak latch, but those ended up really helping. One day he just stopped caring for them and the problem solved itself. My son also had a dairy intolerance (which is apparently common in newborns, since it’s a protein that’s harder to digest) that we didn’t diagnose until 3 months. He was fussy all the time. My husband kept saying “he’s just a baby,” but something didn’t feel right. When we made a special appointment with the pediatrician to discuss the issue, she suggested I cut dairy out of my diet and give it a few days to see if his behavior improves. It was like night and day! His stomach was obviously really bothering him and I had no idea!

What did you crave the most while being pregnant?

See question 3 above…Nutella! Sweets in general, but I crave those non-pregnant. I’m bad!

What piece of advice did you hear all the time that turned out not to be true?

“Use the time you’re at the hospital [after delivery] to sleep!” There was someone in and out of my room all hours of the day, and night! Checking on me, checking vitals, asking for my lunch order…always something! Once you have a baby, just come to terms with the fact that you’ve joined Team No-Sleep.

Where did you deliver?

The Women’s Hospital of Texas. They were fantastic, especially the NICU nurses!

Any advice for those that want to know how to best support moms?

Offer to babysit! Only half kidding. I think it’s very important for everyone, mom, or not, male or female, to show understanding to mothers. None of us are perfect and there is no “right” way. Do not judge how other people to choose to parent, and be kind. As moms, we are tired humans and we’re all doing our best. Let us feel love, gratitude, understanding and acceptance. And be patient because mom brain is a real thing!

What local places are your faves to take care of yourself, spend family time or just enjoy time with the hubby?

We are zoo members as of recently! We’re excited to spend more family time going to the Houston Zoo together and watching our son grow into that environment. Right now, he might still be too young to pay much attention to the animals, or really recognize them, but with our first trip he actually spent time watching the seals and looking at the jellyfish. We also love going to the farmers’ markets around town. They recently started one at Heights Mercantile the last Sunday of every month, which is very close to our house!   Thanks Marianna Corcoran for taking the time to share with us! Mom articles: Covid-19 and pregnancy After the Baby Arrives
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