Advice from local mom, Lisa Helfman

Local advice from local mom, Lisa Helfman. As a part of one of the most beloved Texas companies, H-E-B, Lisa is constantly on the go! Keeping up with her busy job and two growing boys, she’s learned the art of balancing her day to day life beautifully. It’s notes, but she makes it look that way!  


Name: Lisa Helfman About Me: Lisa Helfman, Director, H-E-B Public Affairs – Houston

Photo: Featured: Lisa Helfman & Family Photo by Jenna Duncan Photography Location: InterContinental Hotel-Houston  

What piece of advice would you give moms with kids ages 0-3?

Make time to take care of yourself.  Don’t sacrifice that now that you have children.  It’s a hectic time for sure but it will be much calmer and happier if you prioritize self-care first!  If you are calm, your young one will be too!   Anything from healthy foods, yoga, meditation, exercise or sleep!  It all matters and it all helps!

What were your top 3 favorite baby products?

The swaddle!  I wanted sleep and that got us through the night early on during the newborn days. The bouncy seat – my children slept in it while it vibrated the first few weeks of life.  And don’t worry, it didn’t scar them.  They have wonderful sleeping habits now! Burt’s Bees baby wash.  So gentle and fresh.  We loved bath time!

What was the hardest part of your pregnancy? The easiest?

With my first son I was on “house arrest” for 5 weeks at the end of my pregnancy.  That wasn’t fun at all.  The easiest with both boys was my deliveries – quick and easy!

What was the hardest part about the 0-3 stage of motherhood?

The hardest part for me was not knowing what to do!  I literally thought I might break my first child!  For someone who masters most things, it was very humbling to be a first time mommy!

What did you crave the most while being pregnant?

I don’t know that I craved all that much but I do remember enjoying a big chocolate éclair the size of my arm from Kenny and Ziggy’s. Delicious!!

What piece of advice did you hear all the time that turned out not to be true?

Lots of people said don’t hold the baby too much or they won’t know how to sleep on their own in their crib.  Not true!!  I don’t think you can ever love a baby too much!!  Shower them with as much love as possible and everyone wins!!

Where did you deliver?

I delivered at Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

Any advice for those that want to know how to best support moms?

Be kind and offer a helping hand.  Moms – especially new ones – don’t always know how to ask for help.  So just offer to do something simple.  It might just mean the world to her!

What local places are your faves to take care of yourself, spend family time or just enjoy time with the hubby?

I love doing yoga at Yoga Better Studio.  Yoga is my self-care secret weapon.  Our favorite place to go for special occasions is Uchi and every other day of the week, we have the most joy just hanging out at home and cooking, playing cards, or just doing anything to spend time together!  I have found that it’s not the location that matters, it’s the time. Thanks Lisa Helfman! We love all of your pearls of wisdom! Mom articles: What kind of mom are you?

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