Benefits of a Sectional Sofa

sectional sofa


A sectional sofa is a sofa that is made in several pieces or sections. These sections can be assembled into a long sofa similar to a conventional long sofa. However, it can be broken out into several distinct pieces, as well. What are the benefits of sectional sofas?

Space Savings

A sectional sofa can help you create the same effect as a long sofa regardless of how much space you have. Line up the sectionals along the wall. You can put the remaining sections in the corners or in storage, depending on the amount of space you have. You could even buy the few sections you need to fill the space. This is in contrast to traditional sofas and love seats where you have to buy one size or the other.




Sectional sofas are incredibly versatile. You could have one long U-shaped sofa around the wall for day to day family gatherings, but you can break it up into conversational groupings when visitors arrive. This is why sectional sofas are great for multiple guests. You could break them out into seats for individuals or pairs with space in between. Then you aren’t asking strangers to sit knee to knee. When you have chaise seats in the sectional sofa, it could be used as a guest bed or corner seat, depending on the occasion. Or break up the L-sectional couch to create two separate seating areas when you rearrange the living room.



Sectional sofas may be the most economical solution for large families. The center sofa will have one to two side sofas. If you buy a sectional sofa, you can buy one or two pieces as required. If you need additional seating, you can add more sections. This is cheaper than buying a single, massive U-shaped sofa. The ability to move one of the side sofas to read in the corner or host guests eliminates the need to buy additional but rarely used seating, too.

Pit sectionals have these benefits while also serving as a queen- or king-sized guest bed as required. The sectionals can be put together in a ring for a cozy gathering. Add the center cushions that typically serve as foot rests, and you have a large bed. A side benefit of this approach is that you can push away one section to more easily get out of bed, instead of being trapped between two large sofas pushed together. And the surface is more even, because it is made to have a flat, soft surface when assembled together.


The Wide Range of Options

If you buy a traditional sofa, you can find a wide range of options. You may even find matching chairs. The challenge is finding replacements a few years later without replacing the whole set. Sectionals are made to be plug-and-play. They tend to have standard dimensions. The manufacturer may make the same basic shape in different colors or with different materials. You could choose to get sectional pieces in different colors but the same shape. Or you could replace a stained white piece with a cream or beige one that still fits into your living room arrangement.