What to look for in a sofa


What to look for in your next sofa? Sofas are often the center of the living room. Well, it may be grouped around an entertainment center or fireplace, but the fact remains that the sofas are the key pieces of furniture in the living room and den. You may sit on them for hours, whether you’re playing video games or board games or parlor games. That’s why you want a good sofa. But what should you look for in a family sofa?



If you want to look for the perfect family sofa, start with sectional sofas. They work equally well together in a large continuous string as they do broken up into individual pieces. This makes it easy to create conversational groupings for separate activities or a large family gathering with a central focal point. You can also move pieces of the sofa out of the room or move them to another room. A side benefit of sectional sofas made this way is that foot rests can often serve as individual seats. That’s something you’ll appreciate when you want to find seating for one more person.



You’re going to choose sofas based on seating capacity. But how much space does the furniture take up? And how could it save space? For example, many people are opting for couches with basic vertical arm rests instead of angled and curled arm rests that add eight inches to the end of each couch without increasing the space for people to sit. These extra few inches on each end of the couch are dead space when you put the couch in the corner. They also make it harder to fit the couch in a given area over sectional pieces.

Another variation of this advice is looking for sofas that contain storage options. It might be a foot rest that can double as a toy storage bin or couches with drawers underneath. A few foot stools have shelves built into them, too.




There is no point in buying a stylish sofa if it is uncomfortable to sit on. That’s a waste of money. Find one that is comfortable to sit on for an hour or more. You don’t want to take away from the fun and games because people have to keep shifting to find a comfortable spot. It is a distraction at best, deal-breaker at worst. No couch should require additional pillows to sit on.




A lot of people forget the importance of cleanability or the ability to easily clean a couch until someone spills their drink on it. Others buy a beautiful couch only to cover it with a plastic or cloth cover to protect it from spills. Choose a couch that is easily cleaned, whether it is leather or treated cloth. This is doubly important if you have young children, since they are more likely to spill drinks and snacks sitting on the couch. An easily cleaned couch should also be a priority if you regularly entertain guests. This could take the form of couch coverings you can remove and wash or simply won’t absorb spilled wine and soda.