This Father & Son Halloween Costume wins Best Costume of 2014

If 6 month old Geraint (and his dad Ryan) shows up to a Halloween Party you attend this weekend then say goodbye to that “Best Costume” award because the baby is going to win it. 

Here’s Mom’s story about the MechWarrior costume. 

My husband had this costume planned for several years, long before we had a child. The inspiration was a computer game he played in high school. When we found out we were having a baby, he got to work. Ryan sketched out the rough designs probably two months before Geraint was born. With so much baby stuff coming in the mail, we had plenty of boxes for him to work with, so he just had to buy a few things to make it.

Ryan built a frame for the body out of PVC and wrapped a cardboard shell around it and secured it to the frame with zip ties. He then cut and sculpted the other pieces out of cardboard, with some foam board details to add a true 3D effect. The joints are all fastened with Velcro cable wraps, and the head and other pieces attach to the main body with Velcro tape. The legs are supported by a belt, which is hidden under the body. His arms slip into the gun pods and he has more Velcro straps on the inside in order to hold them. The feet just fit over his shoes by gluing toilet paper tubes on the inside to take up the extra space.

He did a wonderful job and I am so proud of him. It looks amazing and Geraint loves it!

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