Who doesn’t love a good scarf?

Sure, we love our puffer coats and great bags, but if you ask us, no winter wardrobe is truly complete without the addition of a scarf. Aside from providing warmth, this accessory is often our outfit’s missing piece, adding interest, color, or even a fun print. When is a scarf never not a good idea? There are numerous ways for how to tie a scarf, and each twist or knot has the ability to transform a look, taking it from meh to whoa.

At Home with Ray offers accessories with an artistic edge, the scarves have elements of nature intertwined with bold unapologetic colors. You’ll enjoy sharp modern lines paired with soft feminine touches. Take a look below at some ways to spruce up your outfits with these designer scarves. Visit AtHomeWithRay.com for more glamour designs.


Cow With The Pearl Earring ($116): What is more striking than emerald green and black? Peaceful black cows with coral edging and “earrings” add a little flash.

Erin in winter 127 ($177): Maybe it’s a well known fact that a swallow represents love, loyalty and peace, giving strength wherever they go.

Maxi Long Skinny Twilly, Eden ($80): The maxi twillys are for those of us wanting a little more flair to our outfits! Eden comes in three colors: Earth, Bone and Emerald. Bone has a black and cream snake with white details. Each side is different. One side features a geometric snake running top to bottom, and the back is the brand’s iconic trellis pattern.

Bandito Incognito 127 Featherweight ($247): The Bandits are back, this time in our delicate feather weight silk wool blend.

Babe in the woods 127 ($190):This piece will be a constant companion as a wrap on mild summer evenings or wrapped up around your neck all winter long.

photo credits: At Home with Ray