40 Awesome Activities For the Kids This Winter Break

40 awesome activities for the kids this winter break. The holidays are in full swing and you may be running out of ideas to keep the kids engaged. Although the kids love being out of school, the days can get long, not only for them but also for us. So we’ve come up with a list of some fun activities you can do with the kids. Take a look.

1. Take a family bike ride.

2. Have a yes day.

3. Learn a new magic trick. Here are seven easy tricks just for kids.

4. Build a LEGO City.

5. Read a chapter book as a family.

6. Fly a kite in your neighborhood park.

7. Paint rocks and hide them for others to find.

8. Watch the planes at your local airport.

9. Organize a scavenger/treasure hunt.

10. Go stargazing. Check out our top place here

11. Explore a new park with the right social distancing tools.

12. Learn how to make friendship bracelets.

13. Learn about a different culture (and make a meal to match!)

14. Make a fairy garden.

15. Get a paper map of your city and push pins. Plan out the places you want to visit in the future.

16. Arrange an afternoon with just your son or just your daughter.

17. Create an obstacle course for kids.

18. Play hide and seek.

19. Play board games for a whole afternoon.

20. Take a picture a day and print out an end-of-winter-break photo album.

21. Be a scientist for a day with one of these cool experiments.

22. Find a business that’s raising funds for a local cause and donate.

23. Create a secret handshake.

24. Visit your community library and pick out some new holiday reads.

25. Stay up late and play flashlight tag.

26. Go to a drive-in movie.

27. Make a wind chime.

28. Redecorate your kids’ rooms.

29. Make a bird feeder.

30. Prank someone.

31. Make something out of a cardboard box.

32. Have a potions party.

33. Learn about a wild animal.

34. Have a shaving cream war.

35. Learn about a few amazing kids, and talk about how your own can change the world.

36. Bob for donuts at breakfast.

37. Have a tea party outside.

37. Support a small business or order a new read from your local indie bookstore.

39. Have an outdoor art afternoon. Here are our favorite ideas.

40. Write and act out a play.


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